On the Eve of Camp

So, it’s the night before Scout Camp.  For Elliot it’s his third time.  It’s the second resident camp, which is two nights and three days.  Next year is five days and four nights on the Oregon Coast at Adventure Cove.  I have gone now three times.  I suspect I will keep going until he asks me not to go, or the Troop has it covered.  While I am the Cub Master, the Webelos Den Leader is in charge of this outing.  I was for the past two.  We have a total of seven boys and five Dads going.  So, it will be easy for me to hang out and let Elliot be a camper.

Tonight, we packed his Backpack.  Since he’s never packed one, nor worn one, I helped.  I told him to get three of everything.  Socks, shorts…etc. Told him the basics but he could pick what he wanted to wear.  I did explain he would need his Tan Webelos Uniform and Scarf.  Got it all.  We talked about if he was going to use a pad or the cot.  It really depends if I get a real tent or I have to use mine.  If i get a camp tent, I am using the Cot.

I am not sure who is more excited. Me or him. (He just told me that I was more excited.)  I suspect that once we get there it will all kick in.  I know the BB Guns will be huge, but who knows whatelse could happen.  The one thing that I have learned, is go with the flow.  Do what the Camp Leaders/Staff tell you to do.  If there are programs that I can get into, and participate in, I will.  Maybe the other dads will too.  Two things I know so far. Pack lite cause there is THE HILL. And a Beaver participant from W1-492-11 will be there as well.  Looking forward to seeing him.  He’s a fellow Cub Master and a good guy.


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