Webelos I Camp & Advancement

At the end of this week is Webelos I camp for Elliot and the rest of the Scouts.  It Butte Creek Ranch in the Cascade Pacific Council.  It is the first time they are going to be OUT of the Portland Metro area.  The first two were within 40 minutes of the house.  It will be the second time for residence camp. Two nights and three days.  Next year, it’s on the Oregon Coast for five days.

Many of the Pack were at Butte Creek Ranch during Pioneer District’s first Cub-O-Ree this year.  So, the Dads of the Webelos I get the layout of the land, oh and THE HILL!  Pack LITE people!  I have already seen photos from my Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner/Program Chair.  His son and their Den went last week.  The pictures look great.  It did give me a bit of a heads up of what to expect.

Since going to this camp earlier this year, I get the layout and what to expect.  The program is still a mystery to me, but that’s the fun part of camp.  But, here is the interesting part about Summercamp within Cub Scouts…at lest for me.  Advancement.

In our Pack, Summertime Advancement really does not take place in the Tiger, Wolf, Bear years.  In Webelos it generally does.  The Webelos Dens do not meet except for Summertime Pack Events and Camp during the summer.  If the Boys work on advancement during the summer, it counts.  There is no reason to not allow it.  Big thing is that if the Scout wants the patch/pin/beltloop, they need to buy it themselves.  There is no Pack Money available in the way we are setup.  Within Boy Scouts, Summertime/Summercamp is where a lot of advancement takes place.

So, I went to review what advancement could take place while at Camp for Elliot and the boys.  Here is what I found.

Webelos Advancement
Please keep in mind that the main emphasis of Cub Scout camping is not advancement, but exploring new
interests he would not have otherwise been able to enjoy. All activities planned for you and your Scout will
be fun and memorable. We have done our best to incorporate advancement opportunities into the
program, though most requirements are difficult to achieve in a camp setting.
Following is a list of the achievements your Scout could possibly earn during his stay, depending on the
verification of an adult leader from his den.
 BB Belt Loop
 Archery Belt Loop
 Geology Belt Loop
 Chess Belt Loop
 Whittling Chip

Mmmmm….Interesting.. I like this in the overall sense.  I knew BB Gun/Archery would happen.  Whittling, sure.  Chess? Really?   I like that the guide points out that this is a time for the boys to do something that they might not get a chance to normally do.  Awesome. That is what Scouts is all about.  Learning.  I know that next year at Adventure Cove, the boys who will be Webelos II will be able to knock out several requirements for the Activity Pins.

This Summer, I have stood back in general from Elliot’s advancement within Scouts.  Not to say that I haven’t checked off the Fishing and Swimming Beltloops he just earned.  I am not as active as I am in the School year.  It is up to him (with prodding for Den Work to be don) to advance.  I catch myself plotting on ways to get him to earn the Activity Pins.  To which, I stop.  That’s the Webelos Den Leader’s position to drive that.  However, the Summertime Pack Events thus far have provided the Bicycling & Ultimate Beltloop and Elliot has earned the Fishing & Swimming Beltloop.  All of which count towards requirements on: Sportsmans & Aquanaut Activity Pins.

One thing is for sure.  Elliot and those who go to Summercamp will have earned part of the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

Overall, the big reminder I got from the Leader’s Guide for Butte Creek Ranch is….exploring new
interests he would not have otherwise been able to enjoy.

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