The Annual Pack Committee Planning Meeting

  The Annual Pack Planning Meeting is upon the unit that I am a Cub Master for.  This will techincally be our first real meeting since I came on board in 2008 as Tiger Den Leader.  When I ascended into the position of Cub Master, I followed what the previous Cub Master did.  He was still around as Committee Chair.  The Treasurer turned into the Committee Chair we have today.

I have grown since becoming the Cub Master.  It is not all due to Wood Badge.  Wood Badge does not teach you how to create a ceremony for Arrow of Light, Bobcat or other rank advancement.  It does not teach you how to put on a Pack meeting, nor deal with parents and grumpy Cub Scouts.  There is not a book called “Cub Masters, Tag your it!”  When I took on the Tiger Den Leader position, I quipped to my wife “I am going to be Martha Stewart of Crafts when I am done.”

That being the case of being Cub Master, I followed what happened the year before.  First Join Night…Wow….All eyes on me. Yup.  I whipped through the year ok.  I was always pulling stuff out of left field and stumbling.  Here is one of my first Pack meetings after I was on my own. I remember that Pack Meeting.  I made a Mom cry.  Yeah, it was good.  I still keep in touch with her about her son.  He’s a Webelos I now.

So, fast forward to Summer of 2011.  We are soon to have our meeting and I have been reading, writing, emailing and Googling a lot about this.  A lot of emails between myself and others about what’s going to be presented.  We have a lot to be proud of and a lot of challenges coming up for this year.  I think that I am ready.  Once it is completed, I will blog about the results and publish many of the documents.
So, what are we going to discuss.  This is where the Team comes together.  The Den Leaders and Committee are a team.  We provide the direction for the Pack, Parents and most of all the Scouts.  We will have a budget, annual calendar, Journey to Excellence, Den Leader Guide, Monthly Pack Meeting agenda’s and more. (Yes, it’s really a Wood Badge ticket.)  Hopefully our Unit Commissioner will be there for part of it. (Hint hint hint).

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I have goals for this upcoming year.  One is already taking shape and going. Good sign.  We have several dads who are stepping up to be Committee Members.  Two ladies are stepping up as Den Leaders.  We have several members who will be leaving because of Arrow of Light, but that is the normal cycle.  Change happens.  Deal with it.  In the immortal words of my Wood Badge Scoutmaster “It is what it is.”

What I like is that my friend Arlen, who is currently not at Gilwell Field, but Philmont’s Training Center, is kind of in the same boat.  He is taking a class that I was supposed to be at. “Strictly for Cubmasters.”  Our families would have met, and my wife would be able to swap stories about me doing Cub Master stuff and having Mrs Arlen (sorry, don’t know her name) laugh out loud in agreement.  When I say same boat, I mean he did this recently and blogged about it.  Am I going to still it? Yup!  Great ideas are stolen and used!

So with all of this information digested, we will have our meeting in mid-August.  I suspect great things to come out of this meeting.  This year is going to be stellar.  We will be that team and all reach to create greatness for our Scouts.  When they smile and have fun, then, we succeed.  There is no i in Team.  Unless you work for Apple.  Then you can put i in front of anything.

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2 Responses to The Annual Pack Committee Planning Meeting

  1. Shannon says:

    I stole from Arlen too and we will be having our first Planning meeting in August. It’s good to know that we are not the only ones who didn’t do it in March! I am looking forward to hearing how yours went!


  2. Adam,

    Great reflections on being a Cubmaster and for moving forward with the Pack’s annual planning meeting.

    You will no doubt formulate a great program for the boys, and that will help immensely in recruiting, for having a full calendar for the entire year is something that impresses new parents.

    The current den advancement program will keep your dens moving along smoothly and the boys pointed at rank advancement.

    As Cubmaster, your job is the best one in the Pack. You only have one meeting a month to be responsible for, and you can delegate 75% of the content. Your biggest job is to support your Den Leaders.

    And again, congratulations on completing Wood Badge. There are very few Cub leaders who have taken the time to complete the course and increase their commitment to Scouting and to the boys. Your experience living the Patrol Method will serve you well in understanding Boy Scouts when you get there (if you haven’t already) and to explain the difficult subject of boy leadership to the other parents.


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