How to put on a Bike Rodeo

In an earlier couple of posts I said I was going to talk about how to put on events.  First up is the Bike Rodeo.  The Bike Rodeo was our first Summertime Pack event.  I do this for two reasons.  First, to end the year correctly and then to hopefully recruit other boys for the following year.

So, how to plan.  In my current unit, as Cub Master, it’s all me who generally comes up with ideas and plans.  (That’s changing this year).  This event was a multi-purpose event.  First, I wanted to have Troop involvement.  We had Den Chief’s and they could help out.  Think EDGE.  I also wanted the Troop to come because it gets them in front of the Pack and parents and shows them that Boy Scouts can do it themselves and not have parents do it. (Boy led method).

The main objectives that I wanted to cover are found within the Bicycle Beltloop.

  1. Explain the rules of safe bicycling to your den leader or adult partner.
  2. Demonstrate how to wear the proper safety equipment for bicycling.
  3. Show how to ride a bike safely. Ride for at least half an hour with an adult partner, family, or den.

As for the Pin:

  1. Participate in a pack, den, or community bike rodeo.
  2. Demonstrate how to repair a flat tire on a bicycle.
  3. Give a demonstration to your den or pack on the proper use of safety equipment and gear.

While the Cub Scouts didn’t do a lot of the Pin, the three were basically satisfied.

Out of all of those requirements… was my list to the Scoutmaster.

Bike Stations:
Registration form/certificate? Station (Simple name/phone and bike info in case of getting lost/Serial #)  They need to get a stamp at each station to show completion so they can get a segment/beltloop?,Bike Inspection-basic care, Bike Rules & Safety,Helmet Inspection
Bike Course  (medium & advance)  There is a loop at Stephenson so maybe a race?  This would help the faster kids not plowing over the slower/smaller kids.

He took it to the SPL & PLC and they worked on it and came up with 90 minutes of fun for a Cub Scout Pack.  They had 6 stations and a course that helped teach boys & their brother/sisters about Bikes and how to be safer.  One thing that my son found out is that his brakes & shifters were broken.  While they were safe to operate, we would have never would have known.  So, we got them repaired later.

So, my big piece of advice for Cub Scout Packs who want to plan something like this….GET A BOY SCOUT TROOP TO HELP.  Give them the requirements and let the Boys do it.   Also, I believe that the SPL walked into a Bike Shop in full uniform and asked for a donation for prizes that were given away.  Yup, he got one!

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  1. Thanks, Adam! We have our pack’s first ever (as far as I know) bike rodeo planned for September, and reading this has already changed my mind about at least one thing (and I’m still teetering on one more).


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