July Summertime Pack Event

Saturday was our 2nd Summertime Pack Event and it was Disc Golf.  As per normal Oregon weather, it rained. Ok, drizzled a bit in the middle of July.  A total of seven boys  and several Dads and a Mom braved the wet weather and went out to have fun.  Look, Oregon is the  BEAVER STATE, a Beaver is on our State Flag, we have the U of Oregon DUCKS and the Oregon State University BEAVERS!

As part of my years of being a Cub Master and slowly learning that “Scouting is a Game with a Purpose” I realized that if we do something as a Pack or Den that there has to be a purpose.  Disc Golf.  Yup, you can get a Beltloop out of it.  You can use it when your a Webelos to satisfy the Sportsman Activity PinAfter about 30-45 minutes of instruction and practicing, we hit the links at Orchard Park in Hillsboro, OR.  I had never played there, but what a great course. It’s flat and wonderful to play.  Even the Pack Treasurer got in a round.  (He’s the one in the front).  My friend who I worked with at Nike, oh so many years ago, helped put on this clinic for us.  He is a ASM for a Troop in another District and a regional disc golfer who competes all the time.  He offered to help us over me facebooking about Disc Golf one night and that led to a long conversation over lunch with beer one day.    He had his son and four other guys come out and help us learn how to play and also walk the course with us.  Totally awesome!  Think St Andrews and Golfing.  Minus Balls, Clubs and Beer but with Caddy’s telling you how to address the tee and how to shoot.  That was us.  Yes, there were even prizes handed out by Scott, which were given to him by Rainy-Day-Games.  I didn’t know he was going to do that.

The boys and parents had a great time.  I found a place to play Disc Golf. I also figured out a good game to play before/during a Pack Meeting that is INDOORS!

The next wonderful thing is that Scott has offered to come to Roundtables to talk about how to teach Disc Golf to Scouts of all ages.  He has also offered to help coordinate a clinc/tournament in District or Council.  I have forwarded his name and offer to several people within Council and our District.  I think it would be a wonderful thing to do in the Spring.

Here is the great thing.  Even the BSA National website thinks it’s a great idea. Look here.  So, who knows.  Maybe Pioneer District will have a Spring Scout Fling?

Finally, Scott’s son needed to talk to Webelos who are close to crossing over about joining Boy Scouts.  It’s a requirement for First Class.  Techincally, the boys had to be CLOSE/Webelos II to crossing over.  These boys are Webelos I.   We obliged with the four Webelos I to listen to his talk.  It was just Matt and the Webelos.  I didn’t stick around to listen as it was their time.   Reason this happened today, is on Sunday he is off to Summercamp and would like to have the Scoutmaster Conference and get rank.  While I know the requirement says close/webelos II I would call it good in my book.  But I am not a Scoutmaster or ASM.  It’s up to them to judge.  Yes, Scott and I did talk about the specific’s of the requirement and we understand what is written.  I atlest obliged with asking the boys to help out a fellow Scout. There was the Good Turn done.

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Current Skyloo District Commissioner Current Skyloo District & Council Trainer Current Council Member at Large (Cascade Pacific Council) Former Tiger DL & CM of P221 in Pioneer District Former Skyloo District CS Roundtable Commissioner. Former Ast Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communication Former Pioneer District Training Chair WE1-492-09 Beaver W1-492-11 Bobwhite TG ASM Logistic W1-492-17-2
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3 Responses to July Summertime Pack Event

  1. That’s what we were thinking, too. We have a dad who’s a big disc golfer (and I’ve played a lot, though not recently), who has a portable basket. It’s popular at pack camp outs. I think we have enough room to do it inside at a pack meeting. Heck, we fished inside last year, surely we can toss a few discs around. 😉


  2. scouteradam says:

    Steven: The game I figured out is to bring a Disc Golf Basket or some box and put it in the middle. Get disc’s and have them use their throwing skills to make a basket. It keeps them focused for a bit.


  3. I’m curious about the INDOORS game you figured out. We’re planning a disc golf event for next Spring, and I want to do something related at the preceding Pack Meeting to get them fired up about the dg event.


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