Fall Join Night 2011

Well, I am already thinking of Join Night 2011.  Since I am the Cub Master and in charge of the program, I wanted change what we did.
Generally, when I am joining something I get really turned off when the speech turns to money.  I have been to two churches that apparently were the “Fund the Church” Sunday Sermon time.  Ugh…..  God is not a 501 (c).  I get supporting them, but I just did not need to hear it when I was trying to decide where I wanted to go.
That being the reason, I needed to seperate the Join Night and Popcorn Speech.  In the past, it was the same night.  Last yea the Join Night was the normal date of joining, and then the following week, we had the entire Pack there and then gave the Popcorn Speech.
This year, it will be no different.  However, I have been wanting to do something for awhile.  Dark Sucker Theory!  Loved it the first time I saw it at Wood Badge 2009.  The Scouter who put it on, was totally amazing.  That will be the entertainment part of the night.  This will be the first real meeting of the year and I need to kick it off correctly.
We will have Flag, Law & Promise.   We will then move into Songs & Den Yells.  Then talk about Popcorn.  We might take the Parents outside and talk to them about it more and the Pack.  During that, the Dark Sucker.  After everyone is back, hand out award from summer, then Flag and sing Vespars and Cub Master Minute.

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