The Return of the Turkshead

My cord from has finally arrived.  This is a project that will see it’s end in the October 2011 Pack meeting.  I am using this Turkshead to help bring the Boys and Leaders into the Pack.  Generally each October a fresh crop of Scouts will earn their Bobcat at this meeting.  I am going to induct EACH Scout from Tiger to Webelos II into the Pack along with each Den Leader.

In September it’s called Join Night.  It’s not come hang out with us night, nor come to a meeting night.  It’s JOIN NIGHT!  Because of that, the boys need to understand that they belong to something.  It’s not baseball or soccer.  But Scouting is a family.  Adults and Boy Scouts talk about when they first joined Scouts.  Soccer and baseball are seasonal, Scouting is every season.

All this being the case, once the Scouts are inducted into the Pack, I will give them this woggle.  It’s theirs.  They own it.  A part of the Pack.  It’s not a simple metal object that they used to have and lose, but this is what shows everyone that they are a part of something special.

I have about 50 to make.  These are three of them.

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4 Responses to The Return of the Turkshead

  1. Tom Barr says:


    Those are great looking woggles. What size and length of cord are you using?

    Tom Barr


  2. This is a great idea. I really like the look of the knot, and have been learning to do it. I am sure the boys will love it.


  3. scouteradam says:

    Dave:I wanted to do all different colors, but realized that I just needed to stick to one color since the boys will cycle through each rank.

    In my Wood Badge course as participant and staffer there was a very stiff fabric cord (like paracord) that was from a marine supply store that is VERY stiff. Feels like a thin thin wire runs through it, but doesn’t. I like it. It’s white, and the Course Director picks the color and the Quartermaster dyes it. I suspect once I go through what I have, I will switch to that.

    Overall, my plan is to induce the boys into the Pack.

    Glad I was able to give you an idea! Make Scouting fun for everyone! YIS


  4. Great Idea!! I di dthe same fo rmy new Bobcats this past Fall except I used cord not leather and color coordinated the woggles to the rank of the Bobcat (Red = Wolf, Orange = Toger). The meeting before the presnetation I wore one of each color on my scarf and told what I was going to do. never had evryone finish their Bobcats so quickly before.


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