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So, this post is dedicated to the two fine fella’s of Scoutnation.  They are Shawn Cleary  and Bryan Spellman.  Both Scoutmaster’s.  One has a small Troop, the other about 120 Scouts.  As I pointed out in my last Post, as a Cubmaster and sometimes the Troop stuff gets lost on me.  However, when listening to the Scoutnation Podcasts and also Shawn’s other Podcast True North, there is a lot that I get out of it.

The one thing that I am going to focus on is how a Troop views Webelos and recruiting.  In both cases of these two Troops, they look to Webelos and Packs.   They are active within the Packs and willing to do something.  This can be a demo at a Pack meeting or going to Camporee.  Both very different, but vital.  Yes, being in a Troop and a Boy Scout is very fun and exciting.  But showing the Webelos and Cubscouts what is later after Arrow of Light and also having an Eagle Scout work with a Tiger is a huge cool thing.  Many of the cubscouts talk about being an Eagle, but sometimes they have never seen one.  Ok, Dad or Grandpa, but they are OLD.

Having a Troop take the time and work with a Pack also helps the parents understand what the difference is and will be once their son crosses over.  For that, both Shawn and Bryan go into how they deal with “Heliocopter Parents”.   They are the well-meaning Cubscout parents who have yet to detach.

Having the Troop perspective on Webelos & their Parents is a great insight.  It has helped me start to work towards conditioning myself when it comes time to crossover.  It also has allowed me to reachout to the Troops in my area.  I generally won’t wait for them to come to me.  I will go to them.  If a Troop is receptive of my communication and invites, then they get more time.  If not, well, then they don’t.  It’s their loss since I will have made up my mind about them.  As Cubmaster, I carry weight with the Parents and Den Leaders as to where I am going to go afterwards.

Before I start getting hatemail about how it’s not my choice, but the Boys’s Choice to where they go, your right.  It is the Boy’s Choice.  However,  as a father to my son, I will question him in why he likes one or the other.  This will be one of his first important decisions of his life.   I will take him to several Troops to see what they are like.  I will give him time to figure it out and will help him with his questions.  This could turn into being a hard choice for both.  However, it’s his Troop, not mine.   Point being is that I do have influence, but it is guided discovery.  As to the other boys and parents.  It’s up to them.  My son might not be into hiking in Philmont, but just camping in sight of the parking lot.  Who knows.  I really suspect that isn’t the case.

But as Cubmaster and being the Cubmaster’s son, people will notice. I know that as I write and post this, that there are Troops in my area that read this blog.  Please do not read into things one way or another.  I am going to be fair and give equal time to all. I will go where my son wants to go.

Overall, the Scoutnation guys have really helped me see Scouting from their side looking at the Pack system.  Good insight.

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  1. Bryan says:

    WOW, thank you very much! it is nice to hear that 1) we are helping others and b)what we say can be used at the Cub/Webelos level. It is not something I ever thought of and am so very glad we could help!

    Thank you for listening and providing feedback! We are all in this together, making it a better Scout Nation for everyone!



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