Top Ten Blogs-Posts List: Bad Dad’s Piss Me Off

A blog post or so ago I stated that I would be creating a list of posts that I like.  I spent a few days thinking which ones that I wanted to talk about.  Several sprang to mind very quickly.  I had first thought that I would go through my list of ones of MINE that I liked.  Nah, too self centered.  Need to think of others.  So, here goes.

In no real particular order here is one that really stands out to me. And to be specific this two posts.  Bad Dad Speech and Bad Dad Post.
David’s post was the first one that I thought of. The very first one.  While I know David was not out to win any awards with this topic, it was something he is passionate about.  To be great, you have to lay it out on the line.  He is very confidant of himself, his life and family.  While I have never met David, and an iPhone user (He works for Sprint) I am a Dad.  This post has nothing to do about Scouting.  It’s about his life and the circumstances he could and cannot control, but it’s about how he dealt with it which makes it special.  That is what makes me remember it.  We all have choices in our life, some are made by forces that we cannot control.  Others we have complete control over.  To me, these posts and speech help me be grounded and to be the best Dad that I can be.  I do not always succeed, but I try.  This is but one reminder as to why I need to.

So, when I see a bad Dad out there, whether its at a Scout event, Baseball practice or just in public, I feel bad about his kids.  Can I do anything about it?  Generally not.  If he is harming his kids, sure I need to step in.  Can I right the wrongs of bad dads?  No, but I can learn from them.

This weekend I had the chance with my own two kids.  Elliot and Rachel.  My wife was off at a Lampworking workshop and it was just me.  Granted my parents came down to see my son’s baseball game, but it was us.  On the last day before mom came home and after the Grandparents left, we went to a street fair in Portland, Or.  It was great.  It was just time for us.  My daughter asked if she could have an elephant ear and I said yes.  She jumped up on a haybail and then me saying “you the best daddy in the world I love you” and gave me a huge hug and kiss.  Yeah, that’s all I need.  We got one and shared with all of us.  It was good.   While it’s a little thing that means a lot to me and she will forget it over time, it’s proof that working at being a Good Dad pays off……So, take the time do something with your kids.  Listen to them. Be with them.  Don’t be a bad Dad.  Be a Good Dad!

I became aware of David via Twitter because of Scouting, because of some English General that though a Game with a Purpose would be a fun thing to do.  Interesting how things come to you.  Maybe someday we will meet in person.  That would be fun.  He also has a Scouting blog too.  It’s a great read as well.

So, one down and nine more to go.  Whose next and why I pick it.

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