My Wife

I cannot do much without my wife.  It’s true.  But, I am not going to talk about our relationship here or now.  What I want to say is that she’s pretty wonderful.  I think that I change lives within Scouting.  However, she as PTA President of the Stephenson Elementary School in Portland, Or really makes a difference.  It’s only her first year in a two year term.  But there are two things this year that really went above and beyond what a lot of people have done.

First, she started, spearheaded and got everyone to VOTE for Stephenson to get a new blacktop for the Playground.  She got us to vote and win the Grant!  Woot Woot!
Now, she tells me that she got another local grant to purchase 10 Dual Core Pentium 2 Laptops from a company that is getting new ones for $200.  They are replacing DESKTOP units that are REALLY REALLY SLOW.  I think 266mhz.  ugh.  So, all the teachers now have new laptops that will allow them to work from home and not be at school late at night.

Pretty good for first year PTA President.  These are only TWO of the many things that she has done this year.  She’s just amazing.  If she was in Scouting…she would get the District Award of Merit in my book!

About Adam R. Cox

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