Alright, so this is not Scouting related. It’s more food related.  Why am I blogging about this in this Scout focused blog?  Try as I might, I cannot think of a way it’s Scout related.  Could it go for a Cooking MB? Maybe Tracking MB?  Or a Cubscout requirement after the Whittlin Chit for cooking?  Who knows.

But this is one skill that is being lost.  It did it while in Culinary School and in my restaurant career.  I love this skill.  However, I do not get a lot of chances to do it at home.  Generally, I will filet a Salmon or bone a chicken and BBQ it right there.

So, today when reading a local Weekly, I came across an article that got me to this website. PDXMEAT.COM  They have classes on it. This is what I have been looking for for awhile.   One of my jobs that I wanted at one time was to be a Butcher.  The job I wanted most was to be in a Bakery.

So, for all those out there who might be looking for a career change…being a butcher would be awesome!  You could even go up to Alaska and cut fish for a couple of seasons and make a lot of money!  I had a few friends do that in college for college.

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