Today there is a new 100 days of doing something.  It’s now all about physical fitness.  Our good friend  Scoutsigns has kicked off another campaign.  Here is the new Blog about it.  Give this man an idea and he will create another Blog.  To also give credit, the Scoutnation guys at PTCMEDIA are also cooking something up, but have yet to release info about it.  Once, they do I will let you know.

The new twitter hashtag is #100daysstrong.
So, now I have a new goal as do several people who have already been chiming in on twitter.  I will add a few links later in a post about earlier posts on fitness.  There are a few, but I want to get this out.

So, while I was driving home from Seattle I started thinking….besides me, what could I do about it with the Pack this next year. hhmmm.. Besides there always there being an App for that, there is got to be a Beltloop & pin for that.  There is.  The Physical fitness one.  Looking that up on my Packbadges iPhone App, it gave me what is needed to earn it.  Ok, fine.  (Read the link above for that info).  What I figured is that each Cubscout Rank has it’s own requirements for getting fit.  Ok, that will be done by each Den/Patrol.   Looking at the Webelos you can use this Beltloop towards the Athelete and Sportsman Activity Badge, ok great. Good.  Getting some teeth in this thing.

So, what to do about this next year.  It won’t be able to pull this off now, but thinking we start this on Join Night in September.  The whole Pack starts working on this for 3 Pack Meetings.  Yup, it’s going to happen.  I figure that it will go right up until Thanksgiving…..Good timing…;)

This should be fun.  But, for these first 100 days, I will be working on my weight along with a lot of you.  I will be blogging about it.  I have already looked into the fact that I had a Lose It Account.  Got it reactivated.  If you want to track with me, look for Adam Cox (hueymungus@me.com) on that application.  Send me an invite and I will accept.

I think that I will challenge the boys and families within the Pack to do this.  I will even tell them that if they show Scout Spirit and work towards earning this Beltloop and other items, they can throw a PIE IN MY FACE!  Yup.  The Cubmaster will take a PIE!

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