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In an earlier post about Webelos, I covered a how beltloops can be used to complete many of the Pins that the boys need to complete for the the Webelos Badge and Arrow of Light.   We are going to take a look at the first of two rank badges earned while Webelos.  While, the boys are Webelos for about 22 months they actually earn one rank a Year.    The first is the Webelos Badge itself.  There are two versions of the badge.  If the boy is using the Cubscout Blue uniform, it is the Blue badge.   If your using the Tan Shirt, then it is the Tan Badge. 

If you have been following Twitter and this blog you will know that I have already gotten Elliot’s Tan Webelos shirt.  I am doing this because I want to have his shirt cleaned up from all the clutter from the four ranks he has.  If you yank off the current patches and put on the Webelos Badge, it just looks bad.  A Scout is Clean.

So, what is the requirements for these badges?  From the
For the  Webelos Badge, it cover 9 items to cover.
From the USSCOUTS.ORG website there is a list of what is needed to complete the Webelos Badge for the first year. (Please read as it’s too lengthy to post here).
These achivements can be attained by using the simple guide from the Boy Scouts of America’s Webelos Den Plan that came out in early 2010.
If going by these plans over 18 meeting dates, the Webelos I can earn 13 Pins the first year, which would more than get their Webelos Badge.  It would also help them earn the Compass Point Patch and Pins for that as well.  Think Silver & Gold Arrow Points but only cooler!

Webelos Compass Emblem and Points

Webelos Scouts can earn the Compass Emblem and Compass Points once they have earned the Webelos rank badge. The emblem is awarded after earning seven activity badges (four more in addition to the three earned for the Webelos badge). For each four activity badges earned after that, a compass point device, one for each remaining cardinal direction, can be pinned on the on the emblem in the “E,” “W,” or “S” positions in any order chosen.

Worn suspended from the right pocket flap button.

Again, working within the Webelos Program, careful record keeping is key after the Webelos Scout has completed all requirements.  Within Packmaster, there is a section that can track all Activity Badges and Compass Point.   Using this type of program, will ensure that once an activity is complete and correctly recorded the Webelos Scout will advance sooner than later.   Showing him and his Parents, just like a report card, will motivate them to do more.  While the ultimate Goal is getting  the eight Activity Badges in order to get the Webelos Badge and then Arrow of Light, the other Activity Pins are great to work through.  Look closely to these Activity Pins and the 21 Merit Badges required for the Eagle Rank, and you will see a close resemblance.

Many Scouts within Boy Scouts will go for more than the 21 Merit Badges.  Why? Because they are fun and very interesting.  Who knows, maybe one of them will be the inspiration for a career!  So, go ahead and encourage your Webelos to get all the Activity Pins.  There is a Patch for that too!

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