Certificates of Fun #100daysofScouting

Monday is our Pack meeting and it’s the first one back since our district’s First Cub-O-Ree.  I need to make a huge deal out of this, so we can make it happen again.
At the Cub-O-Ree all the boys earned:
BB Gun/Archery Beltloop.
Geocaching Segment
Ultimate Beltloop
They also  earned a Butte Creek Ranch Segment.  You normally get this segment if you go and ride horses at a camp.  While, you have to be in 5th Grade and a Webelos II per Council rules, none of the boys will get this at this time.  I have not seen any Webelos II go there and do this in our Pack.  Hence, I am awarding it.

Now, many of the boys participated in a Skit (and I forget who all), my son participated in a Scout’s Own and all the boys camped overnight. Yes, even the ones who could not stay for whatever reason.  “They did their best”.  There was also a First Aid Station that counted towards the Readyman Pin for Webelos and for other ranks.

Overall, the boys had a great time.  I have made up certificates for both the Scouts and Parents who went. Yes, everyone gets something!

Which, this all goes to a point.  There are NO BAGGIES in Cubscouts.  Only when cooking in a Baggie is there a Baggie.  Do not ever, never, Ever hand a boy a bag of stuff and say good job now sit down. UGH! LAME LAME LAME!  Put it on atlest paper and give it to them.

Now, I normally do not hand out awards or patches.  I did last year for the Wolves as Cubmaster.  I stopped when my wife said I wasn’t the Den Leader.  So, now I only hand out Pack based awards. Summertime Pack, Quality Unit and others.  Because this was a pack activity within a District function, I am doing it.

One other great thing from this weekend is that one of the Tiger Dads emailed me stating he was going to turn in an Adult Application so he can help out with the Committee and Pack as needed.  I am very thrilled!  He is also a Sea Scout from New Zealand, so I am really happy about all that.

My overall point in this post, award and make the boys special as much as possible.  However, you must award and make the parents special too!

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