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Today on my twitter feed erupted a lively back and forth about the Philmont Leadership Challenge. This is between myself, Arlen Ward, Phil Peck and the new guy Michael Forner.  I had no clue as to what it is.  I thought it was a Patrol Leaders Conference at Philmont.  Ok, so why would a bunch of Cubscout Leaders wanna go to that?  I get the Philmont attraction, but….

As the tweeting went on between a couple of Beavers and……Bob Whites… it got serious.  I was supposed to go to Philmont this summer with the family for “Strictly for Cubmasters”.  That did not pan out once I took on the position of Troop Guide for this Spring’s Wood Badge course.  I think that I would have met up with Arlen if I had gone.
That being the case, this course looks pretty interesting.  While I am just getting my head around what this is all about and what you actually do, it looks like it’s ALL outside with a lot more practical work than sit on your butt and listen.  As it states on the website “There is no classroom work in this course! The Philmont Leadership Challenge (PLC) is built around a series of modules emphasizing advanced outdoor skills, including COPE, Wilderness First Aid, Advanced GPS use, and Search and Rescue Techniques. “ If that is the case, that is very cool.  My question is: Do we get certified in Wilderness First Aid as well?

My two or three obstacles are/will be: Time off from Work.  Getting permission from my wife and finally getting physically fit for this ordeal.   So, we will see.  I will be starting the physical part this weekend and after I put down these Girl Scout Thin Mints.

The only other obstacle is that our self appointed Patrol Leader Arlen has already started the ball rolling saying that we are going next year.  Ok, Mr Patrol Leader…..gotta get your Beads first!  Oh, and when Phil & I fly into Denver, you better be on time to pick us up!  (Michael already lives in the area).

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