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Our Pack will be graduating about 35 boys into their next rank in June.  I am in the process of finding a good all in one ceremony.  I found this one from  Last year, I had the parent do facepainting on the boys.  It will ok.  However, I think this one might be kinda cool.  I will have to alter it for what will work for us.  I think it will also be good to have the Den Leaders transisition over with them.

Note: This ceremony eventually has all the boys and leaders standing in front of the pack. You will need a lot of room if yours is a large pack. We wrote this one for a Pack of about 90 and needed all the school’s risers and most of the gym!

Equipment: Set of risers or a stage with broad steps leading up. Each boy needs to have his scarf and you may need extras if you have more of a rank than the one following it.

Asst. CM: Second year Webelos, please come forward and stand on the top row of the risers.

CM: Will (Read names of those receiving Bear) and their parents please come forward? You have worked long and hard to earn the rank of Bear. Soon you will be in a Webelos Den. Remember the hard work you have put in and the support of your parents. This will get you to your next step on the Cub Scout Trail. Parents will you pin the Bear badge on your sons. (they do.) Congratulations! Now will the new Bears please take your place on the second riser. Parents, you may return to your seats.

Asst. CM: Would all Bears please stand on the second riser.

CM: Will (Read names of those receiving Wolf) and their parents please come forward? You also have done a good job of working on your Wolf rank. This is the step that will enable you to proceed on the trail to Bear. Parents please pin the Wolf badge on your son. (They do.) Congratulations! Now will the new Wolves take your place on the first riser. Parents you may return to your seats.

Asst. CM: Would all the Wolves stand on the bottom riser, please.

CM: Tiger Cubs and parents, please come forward and stand on the floor in front of the Wolves. You are just starting your trip along the Scouting trail. You have searched, discovered and shared the world around you. These patches show you have graduated from the Tiger Cubs and are ready to become Bobcats. Parents, please pin this patch to your son’s shirt. (They do.) Congratulations! Parents, you may return to your seats, New Cub scouts, please remain where you are.

Asst. CM: ________ has been a leader of Den ___ for ___ years. Please come forward. (Repeat until all leaders are present.)

CM: Please accept the sincere gratitude of Pack ___ for your work with the Cubs in your den. This star may be small, but it represents many hours of your time given to Scouting. I am also giving you service stars for the boys of your den. They too have put in many hours toward their badges. Den Leaders please present these to your dens at their next meeting. Would you please stand on the floor at the ends of the risers?

Asst. CM: Tiger Cubs, for the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places. Now it is time to move along the Cub Scout trail to the next part of the program.

Your family is important throughout your whole Scouting Experience. Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as from your Den Leader. Your parents will help you each step of the way.

CM: On behalf of Pack ___ I would like to welcome you. You will be receiving your Wolf scarf tonight. The Wolf Scarf is gold, like the sun. It stands for joy in a job well done. Have fun as you learn the way of the Wolf Scout. Would the Wolf Scouts please pass their scarf to the New Cub Scout in front of them. (Leaders will need to provide help and a scarf for any boy who doesn’t get one from the Cub behind him.)

Asst. CM: Wolf Scouts, you have spent this year learning about Cub Scouting by earning Bobcat and Wolf. You have Done Your Best to live up to the ideals of Cub Scouting.

CM: Tonight you will receive your Bear neckerchief. The Bear neckerchief is blue. Blue stands for truth, loyalty, and obedience. You must learn to obey before you can expect others to obey you. The blue neckerchief stands for obedience to the Law of the Pack. On behalf of Pack ___ I congratulate you. Would the Bear Scouts please pass their scarves to the Cub Scout in front of you. (Again Leaders assist.)

Asst. CM: Bear Scouts, tonight you start the Webelos trail. The Webelos Den has one big purpose. That’s to prepare you for Boy Scouting. You will work on very exciting activity badges, learning things that may lead you to lifelong hobbies or professions. At the same time, you will study Boy Scout requirements so you will be ready to become Boy Scouts.

CM: Each of your parents has helped you along the Cub Scout trail this far. It is important now that your parents continue to stay with you in your Webelos den. We will soon have the pleasure, we know, of seeing you presented the Webelos badge. Again on behalf of Pack ___ I congratulate you. Would the New Boy Scouts please pass their scarf to the New Webelos Scout in front of them. (Leaders assist.)

Asst. CM: Would the rest of the Webelos please come forward? Please fill in any open spot on the risers. I would like to recognize the hard work each of these boys has done this year. Each boy has lived up to the Cub Scout motto, DO Your Best, in each activity badge earned. Each boy has also been working to fulfill the Scout motto of Be Prepared by working on the Boy Scout requirements.

CM: The entire Scouting program runs on the volunteers who help teach our sons the principles of Scouting. Without them, there is no program. Would the Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders, their assistants, the Den Leader Coach, Tiger Cub Coach, Committee Chair and all members of the Committee please step forward? Parents please give these people a Big round of applause as they return to their seats. Would the Scouts now please return to their seats.

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