Trying to save a Scout #100daysofScouting

I have just read Scoutmaster Jerry’s Blog post for today.  Stop reading this post and read his.  Then come back. Ok, your back. Thanks.  I currently have a Scout that has stopped coming to meetings because of bullying.  Now, this is different from Scoutmaster Byran Spellman’s recent post on why a Scout wanted to stop.  This is personal to me because I stopped going to Cubscouts due to a bad craft and that it got boring. It is also personal because I was picked on while growing up.  I do understand that boys and girls stop Scouting due to other personal interests. ie: Football, Soccer, Singing, Theater, Hockey or other interests.  I know first hand that single moms will make sure that their son will get to Scout meetings because it’s the only male authority figure or it keeps them off the streets.

However, it bugs me to no end when a boy quits because of others.  I have just now sent a note to the Den Leader about seeing how I can reach out to the Scout personally.  I have also stated that if he does not want to return to our Pack, that I can find him another Pack that will be good for him.

Hopefully, this Scout will give us a second chance.  Hopefully his friends will come to understand that they were the reason he left.  I am hopefully going to speak to them about it.

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