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The weekend of April 16-17th was Pioneer District’s first Cub-O-Ree within the Cascade Pacific Council.  Well, atlest that anyone can remember.  Everyone who went got a patch.  Including the Adults….;)  Just makes this patch very cool just due to the history of it. Our Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner, Allan, came up with the idea and pulled it all together.  Oh, and his Wood Badge starts on the 29th.  That would have been a ticket item done.

The main thrust behind this was to get the boys outside and to help promote Cubscouts to those who were not in Scouts.    Any Pack that came had to put on an activity center.  Our Pack opted to be Rangemaster’s for  BB Gun another Pack was Rangemaster for Archery.  The Cub-O-Ree had a 3-hour session open on Sunday for both BB Guns and Archery.  This is one requirement for both Pins.  You can only do this at  Council/District or Summercamp.   For the other Packs that attended, Ulitmate Frisbee, First Aid and Geocaching was offered.  There were seven Packs that participated.  In our District there is a Special Needs Troop/Pack that obviously based on who they are could not put on an activity.  They however helped with check-in/administration.  Our District Chair is part of that group and he got the William D. Boyce New Unit Award for helping to start both of these units.  It was great to see the guys come through.
If you know anything about Oregon, is that it rains and it rains a lot.  Because of that, it rained this weekend.  My son’s baseball league sent a note on Friday afternoon stating that all baseball was canceled for Saturday. WHoo hoo!   Scouts still go camping in the rain!  It’s call MUD!  Boy were we covered in it.  I fell down a few times because of it.

We had the opener in the rain (misting at this point) at the Campfire Bowl and it was off to the races with Cub-O-Ree.  However, I got called out by both Commissioners saying that I took Complaints if any!  What?
After we got the BB Gun Range setup and operational, I manned it all day along with three other Den Leaders.  Fun was had by all within our group.  A total of 13 boys came out.   1 Webelos I, 6 Tigers and 6 Bears.  A few did not sleepover due to sechedules the next day. Overall, all the boys earned the Archery and BBGun Beltloop. If they work on the Pin requirements, they get it.  I highly suspect they earned the Ultimate Beltloop as well.  Apparently there is a Geocaching segment within our Council.  I am going to look into this.  Another local Pack put on a First Aid station.  This was awesome since the very cool (yes, she reads this blog) Webelos I Den Leader who is a RN.  Oh, she and the other WDL took ITOLS this past December, it snowed and they were the only ladies on course!
After all the Activity Centers were complete, the boys had time to goof-off before Dinner.  Which, was ok.  The more energy they could spin out of them, the better.  During this time we worked on a couple of Skits.  Which, it took a bit to get them in the spirit of it.  During the Campfire, the OA came and told a lot great stories and sang a lot of songs.  Many of our boys were chanting them in the morning.  I so wish I could remember all of them and explain them here, but my brain is mush from it all.  Pack 221 did the “Life of a Raindrop” and the Tiger Den Leader and Son did “This Skit’s a Drag” as Dad pulled the son across the floor.

After the OA, there was ice cream, two types of pie and Dutch Oven Cobbler.  It was soooo good!
After we got the boys to bed, after visiting a neighboring Pack’s Campfire and me playing both Native American Flutes, along with answering every question they had, I got Elliot off to bed.  Within 15 minutes he was out.  I love sleeping on platforms with thermarests…;)  The morning was good with breakfast and coffee.  The Dads all got more of a chance to talk and trade jokes that the boys did not understand.  I think it was a great time for us to get to know each other a lot more.  More than just hanging out in the gym and watching.

As I told several of the Dads, I really like getting OUT in this fashion.  As Tigers we did not have a Campout or Sleepover on Council Property.  I explained that I would love to keep doing this each year.  They agreed.  While on site, I talked to several Packs as they rotated through about the Cubscout Outdoor Activity Award along with all the different awards and segments that the boys could have earned.  Several parents (who might have been Den Leaders) asked more indepth questions about what this weekend could be counted as.  The fun part is that I did recognize a few of them who have come to Roundtable, but for the majority…it was my first time even seeing them.  I know they exist within the District but never see them.

Hopefully they start coming to Roundtable and Pow-wow.

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  1. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I for real love reading all that is written on your blog. Keep the stories coming. I loved it!


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