LXVII of #100daysofscouting

Today I took the day off from work to get a few things accomplished.

-confirmed Disc Golf Summertime Award Event for July 16th
-got patrol gifts
-put Cubmaster Knot on uniform
-sent emails to Cub-0-ree parents for this weekend
-sent emails to Pack Leaders about Record updates, Badges, April Pack Meeting
-getting rainfly, tent, sleeping bags and utensils ready for Cub-o-ree.
-tested Coleman 2-burner stove & Jet Boil.  Coleman is for pancakes. Jetboil is for coffee!
-patched hole on tent bottom. Found ground cover.

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I went to Portland’s Next Adventure outdoor shop.  I love going there since they are Scout friendly.  Even if I wasn’t in Scouts I would go there.  I walked around and tested a few packs, looked at tents, pads and so so much more.    The downstairs is their Bargin Basement.  You never know what you will find.  Now, it’s back home working on getting all the gear together for this weekend’s Cub-o-ree.  Should be a lot of fun.  It will be wet, but you can camp in the rain…;)

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