LVI of #100daysofScouting

Today I got to catch-up with a friend of mine that I have not seen in about 11-12 years.  Looked the same. Hopefully, I did too!  The fun part of it was we both are into Scouting and like Disc Golf.  Oh, he’s obsessed with it.  Which is just fine.   We finalized some issues after catching up and see how we were doing.  Yes, I told him about Wood Badge.  He actually hipped me to a couple of facts about a place that does have Disc Golf, but also has family Camping.  That could be a useful thing.  $4 per person. Nice.  He gave me a list of ideas and what to look for.  He also went over what would generally happen for the time of the event.  We just might make this an annual event…;)

Overall, I think that the boys will earn the Beltloop and Pin that day.  Main goal is for them to have fun.  If they are Webelos, it will count for Sportsman Pin!  Which, if they play a sport in the fall, they qualify again for another part of that pin!  Woot Woot!  See, you can do sports and Scouts!

Training: If you follow me on Twitter I started a conversation about BALOO/OWLS/ITOLS being required for 2012 for all Top Leaders. Some asked where I found that info.  It really was on another District’s info page about their upcoming Camporee.  A lively debate ensued which was all positive.  Which all leads me to an earlier interaction I had on another non-friendly Scout forum which was training based as well.  It boiled down to this, if you love Scouting, want to be IN SCOUTING, want to do what’s best for the Scouts you will take and do the training for that position.  If you do not want to take the time or energy you need to leave.  This was actually to a District Commissioner in a different Council.  That shut him up.

Point being, yes the rules within BSA as we have known it are CHANGING.  They have to.  They have to because people who are idiots and do horrible nasty things to children look towards our Scouts as targets.  We need to protect our Scouts from them.  BSA is also changing because there are other Idiots who go out hiking with the Troop into an area unprepared.  Meaning, sudden weather change or not being aware of possible medical issues lands the Troop in the ER and front page and in a Court Room.  Granted freak accidents happen, but if a Scout Master trudges onward and upward because they do not know about Weather…’s time for training.

I made a suggestion in the Twitter-verse that our Council provides BALOO at this years Pow-wow.  That would solve SO MUCH at the Pack level.  It would also invite and introduce those Leaders to go for MORE TRAINING within their District or others.

Last night was my unit’s Den Leader Meeting.  While not a lot attended, a lot was conveyed.  I feel really good about it for several reasons.  First, I found out that the Webelos II who did not go through Arrow of Light is re-thinking Scouts.  I told the Webelos II Den Leader that I would come and perform a AOL Ceremony at the Troop for him.  So, we will see.  Second, I got confirmation that my recent Pack Meeting did go well.  A Den Leader said that what I did was well taken, but some boys were not being respectful.  The tone and attitude that I took was correct.  That made me feel good.  Finally and because of that, I am re-working the May Pack Meeting.  I had canceled the Compass event for May because of the last meeting.  Learning a Compass is boring if your a Tiger.  Having a Treasure Hunt is AWESOME!  Yes, we are going to have the boys go look for JEWELS!  Cubscouts love beads and shiny things!  The Troop is being asked to help with that.

Tthe April Pack Meeting will be based upon GAMES!  I have tasked all Dens to provide two games. As well as the Den Chiefs one game.  This will allow us to pick one from a Den and play it after the normal Flag, Annoucements and Awards.

Not a bad couple of days.  Tonight is the Bear Den meeting.  They are earning the Whittlin Chit and also going over the Emergency Prepardedness items I talked about.  Can I say that I really think  my Bear Den Leader is awesome!

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