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I confirmed on Thursday with the Cubscout Roundtable Commissioner who is helping to lead our Districts first Cub-o-ree that our Pack would help on the BB Gun Range.  I figured that it was the easiest thing to do.  They had Archery, which would have been the same.  However, I know that the boys would totally get into BB Guns.  My Tiger Den Leader asked me what we were going to do at Monday’s Pack meeting and I had no real clue.  When I asked if he would help on this, he was all over it.

So, I confirmed with the CS RT Commish and it’s all good.  I emailed the Committee Chair to say we were doing it.  I figured he would have agreed anyway.
There are 6 out of 13 packs going this year from out District.  Pretty excited that almost half of our Cubscout Packs are going.

This time with Archery and BB Guns will allow the boys to earn the Pin.  They do not have time during summer camp to shoot for three hours.  Hopefully, that will work out for many of the boys.  It will also allow some of the Tigers to earn their Beltloop before Summer Camp and continue to work on the Pin.  I think what I might do is see if we can hold a special BB Gun Den Meeting for those boys if not at Cuboree and work through the Pin Requirements.  That way, we can award the Pin at the next Pack Meeting.

I checked the BSA Scouting.org website and there is no clickable link for information on how to earn the Beltloop/Pin.  I understand that you can only earn them at a BSA Camp or event. Because of that BSA does not publish on it’s website nor book via a Scout Shop (I checked my 2010 copy and it’s not listed).  because of that, I have used the  Boy Scout Trail website for what’s listed below.  It’s a great site and I use it all the time.  It was actually the first site I found when my son joined Cubscouts.


The BB Gun Shooting belt loop and pin can be awarded only by a BSA range-trained shooting sports director at a BSA-approved range. Scouts can earn gun-shooting recognition items only at council/district day camp, resident camp, or council-managed family camping programs. Gun shooting is not approved for the Cub Scout program outside of these defined venues.

To be a BSA range officer, an adult must attend a three-hour training program conducted by a National Camping School-certified field sports director or National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor.

Requirements for the BB Gun Shooting Belt Loop

  1. Explain the rules of safe BB gun shooting you have learned to your leader or adult partner.
  2. Demonstrate to your leader or adult partner good BB gun shooting techniques, including eye dominance, shooting shoulder, breathing, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, follow through.
  3. Practice shooting at your district or your council camp in the time allowed.

Requirements for the BB Gun Shooting Pin

The BB Gun sports pin is earned by completing the camp BB Gun safety program and qualifying with a minimum of 60 credits in firing activities with a parent or adult partner, and with a certified range officer present.

Earn the BB Gun shooting belt loop and complete five of the following requirements:

  1. Explain the parts of a BB gun and demonstrate how to properly load the gun.
  2. Demonstrate the shooting positions.
  3. Develop proficient shooting techniques by practicing for three hours.
  4. Learn the correct scoring techniques for target BB gun shooting.
  5. Make a poster that emphasizes the proper range commands.
  6. Draw to scale or set up a BB gun shooting range.
  7. Show improvement in your shooting ability with an increase in scoring points.
  8. Help make a type of target for the camp BB gun shooting range.
  9. Show how to put away and properly store BB gun shooting equipment after use.
  10. Explain how to use the safety mechanism on a BB gun.
  11. Tell five facts about the history of BB guns.

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