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Do you ever have one of those days or Pack Meeting that you believe that is going to go well, but TANKS immediately?  I had one last year, and again this year.  It’s almost 12 months to the month.   As with this picture, you seem to be focused on what you want to do, but everyone else seems to think your unfocused.

Yes, I am beating myself up about this.  I know that the Den Leaders and those who come to the meetings know it was a bad night for the Cubmaster.  My Unit Commissioner was there along with a Den Chief & his Dad.  Ugh….. They (outside the Den Chief) know me as well.  I am not worried about them.  I am worried about the boys that I serve.  One Scout that I hardly know since he does not show up much started going into detail about what I was talking about.  He is a good Scout and meant well, but I was not ready for his in-depth description of how a Nuclear Reactor works.  Nor a discussion on why Portland is safe from a Tsumani.  I had to shut him down.  I did not get a chance to follow-up with him.  I was in the middle of loosing the crowd and did not need/want to spend 10 minutes on it.

Suffice to say, this meeting was not the way I wanted it to go.  However, I did accomplish three things I set out to do.

1)Get the boys thinking about what an Emergency can be.
2) Get the boys to do something at home for the family that included the family that could save their lives.
3) Get the whole Pack OUTSIDE of the Gym.  It was one thing during Pow-wow that found interesting.  I took a class that started inside a school and completed outside.  It proved a point that things happen and you can use the outside as a learning spot.

So, what I am going to do about this?  Several things & something I already planned.

First, I sent out an email to the Den/Pack Committee about what I want to impliment for next year.  It contained a PDF of what I think we need to do.  It will be covered on this month’s Pack Meeting.

Second, I need to setup Pack Meetings 2-3  months ahead of time.  This will allow the Den Leaders time to plan their Den Meetings.  This year I started providing agenda’s a month a head.  Now, it will be 2-3.  I started out this year using the Pack Meeting Plans from National. They worked great.  However, I stopped because of Pinewood, Blue & Gold and Arrow of Light.  Now, I need to get back on track.

This next month’s Pack Meeting will be all about GAMES.  I will be working up a few games to play after Flag, Awards and such.  Again, my quick Twitter-Shout-Out to my Scouter friends that I follow game me a lot of great ideas.  Which also leads me to think that the Den Leaders need to do Flag.   Guess we will need to practice this….;)

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