Two Dads XLVIII of C of #100Daysofscouting

Well, it’s not like that!  If your old enough to have lived in the 80’s then you remember this TV Show.  If you don’t, look up “My Two Dads”.

This weekend was Spring Break in Oregon.  My family and another went off to the Oregon Coast to get away from it all.  Oddly enough the town is called ….OCEANSIDE!  It is right in the perfect area that NO CELL PHONES WORK!  Pretty nice.

So, my friend Nathan and I got tired of hanging out in the house at one point and wanted to get everyone out.  No takers.  Our boys are in Scouts.  Mine is a Bear, his is a Wolf.  Still no takers.  So, we took off by ourselves.  We had a simple simple hike all planned.  The fun this is that his wife is the Wolf Den Leader in another section of town.  She tells me what’s what in her Den/Pack and I tell her how messed up it is.   Her husband is the Treasurer and agrees with me.
Anyway, we got to talking about taking the boys camping and now have it somewhat planned.  It’s not a BSA event, but we have the Two-Deep Leadership thing covered.  What he has done with his son and daughter is make them earn their Backpacks.  They have to go on an overnight with him and camp.  Now, they have a daypack with their stuff.  But once they get through the process of how to camp, how to hike and all the things of what to do and not, they get to pick-out their first Backpack.

I find that really really fun.   It will get us out there and as Nathan puts it “Watching Caveman TV”!  You know, a Fire!

The one other thing (we talked about a lot, but our wives read this blog and I want to keep our marriages happy & healthy!) is the need to take a Wilderness First Aid class.  So, we are now on the look-out for a class that we can take.  I already have First Aid/CPR.

While is was not a real Scouting day or weekend, I did get in some things about Scouting.

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PS: I figured out this new gallery thing on WordPress…interesting…

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