Emergency Prepardness Pack Meeting #100Daysofscouting

So, this Monday is our monthly Pack Meeting.  I have sent out an email to all the Den Leaders and Committee explaining what I am going to do.  I think it’s going to work.  Just to recap: During basic Pack Meeting I will have a parent stage a fake power failure.  This will prompt me to start telling the Scouts to line up due to this unknown emergency and that we need to go to the covered area on the playground.  There we will talk more about what an Emergency is, what to do and reflect back on our First Aid Pack event.

During the research, I found a website from the County that I live in that had a handout to help in these situations.  I ordered 40 of them. They ARE FREE!  This completely saves me from printing out a bunch of paper that the boys would just toss.

I think that while teaching knots, how to camp, how to hike and how to cook among the many things that Scouts need to know one of the most important is what to do for when of an emergency.  There is even a Merit Badge for it.  Teaching these skills is vital for survival. (There is even a part for Nuclear Reactor disasters!) Camping just does not spontaneously happen.  Accidents do.  While camping, you prepare for it and then do it.  Emergency is the same thing. You prepare for it…then wait. Then it happens. Even 10-year-old Webelos can save lives.

Remember, training at any level will affect lives.  Maybe even your own.

Here are photos of the handout that I will be handing out on Monday.

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