“42” XLII of C of #100Daysofscouting

Today is the 42nd day of the #100daysofscouting that Scoutsigns started.  This is the second go around for it.  Do, I have anything PITHY to say? No, not really.  However, I did read Scoutmaster Jerry’s post today.  Now, that got me thinking.

First off people have to realize that both of us are on staff for our Council’s Wood Badge that starts in late April.  One of his ASM’s was in the same patrol as I was.  I had no clue as to who Jerry is.  I think that I barely had any idea about PTCMEDIA as well as it is today.  I had listened to several podcasts, but that’s it.

Jerry’s post today was about Leadership, with questions of “Who do you Serve”, “How best can you Serve?” and finally “Are you getting better everyday?”

My answers:
Who do I serve?
I serve the boys of the Pack.  I do not serve the parents or committee of the Pack.  Do I work with the parents and Committee?  Yes, I sure do.  However, the latter are not the ones who are earning rank, badges, segments & awards.

How best can I serve?
I took this position of Cubmaster because I knew no one else would.  It was something that I wanted to do. To make sure the boys had something to do.
I gave up being the incoming Wolf Den Leader. I thought that I would come back as the Webelos I & II Den Leader after two years.  I realized that being Cubmaster for a total of four years would best serve the boys.  The four year term would allow the boys and Pack have consistancy.  This would allow the program to grow.

Are you getting better everyday?
Yes, I am getting better.  I am not sure about everyday within Scouting since it is not my fulltime job.  However, when I am Scouting I do get better.    I get better in two ways.  First is being around other Scouters and training.  I learn more by listening to Scouters.  Just going to Wood Badge threw open the door.  Now, with being on Staff it’s getting clearer.  I know that I have a very long way to go.    However, the real learning is after finding out answers, I need to put them to work.  That happens on Pack Meeting nights and Pack Outings.  It’s there that I put everything that I learn to work.  That is when I know how my training paid off.  I will also say that the knowledge of the Cubscout program helps the Pack Committee and parents.  Through training, I am able to answer a lot of questions or look for them as needed.  That allows the Pack and Committee to move forward.


So, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question to the life, the universe and everything else is……
DO YOUR BEST!  Doing your best will pay off dividends in ways that you may never know of.  You need to keep learning at whatever your position is, within and out of Scouting.

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