XXXVII of C #100daysofscouting

-reading all the #100daysofscouting posts really inspire.  I wish there was a Transporter like Star Trek so I can go to Pack Meetings.

A few weeks ago I got an invite to the Council Executive Board Meeting.  I was not really expecting this, but I knew why.   While I was there, I got to hear a lot of Council Business.  I heard from the TOP about what the Council’s is concerned about and what’s happening.  Along with the normal business protocal of passing the minutes, finance report and all, it was informative.  I actually said YEAH several times.  Hence, I voted on offical Council business!

What I learned is very comforting to me in my position of Cubmaster.  Council wants to help Packs directly to increase Tiger Enrollment.  This is for both Packs that are successful and those who are not.  Apparently there are plans to do something within Cubscouts at their level.  For that, I am excited.

At the closing of the meeting Matt Devore got up and  made several annoucements and comments.  One was about Japan.  Matt produced an email from an Eagle Scout that is no longer (I beleive) within the Troop.  This Scout is currently in Japan.  He spoke about what happened, how he was and how supplies are running short.  However, he also spoke about how everyone is freaking out.  That is normal I would suspect given what is going on.  However, the Eagle Scout said: Emergency Preparedness MB helped him in many many ways.  He said that EVERY Scout needs to take that Merit Badge and take it seriously since you never know when you need it.

That stuck with me.  I thought back to our Pack’s First Aid meeting several months ago.  It also reminded me about a fellow Scouter’s (Doug Metz) new commitment to Emergency Response.

A question was asked by someone to Matt about what National and Council are doing.  Particularly because Cascade Pacific has had a lot of interaction with Scouts from Japan.  According to Matt, they are working on something and should have something out soon. I was very glad to hear that since I was wondering what the Pack could do.

After the meeting, I went up and got introduced to him by my District Exec.   As Matt and I talked about the Pack, Council and what the Pack has been doing, it turned to Shutterbox and our Pack Meeting. For Shutterbox, I explained that I got the idea from my friend Doug who had been at Jamboree and saw them.  I also explained how National has a formal relationship with them.   I explained that I used the Be Prepared Award to set it up the First Aid Pack meeting.  Matt explained that the Council is working on something along the same lines of Emergency Prepared.  We talked about requirements of Webelos Readyman and the Cubs for it.

I explained that because of Japan I was thinking of holding  a Fake Emergency at this next Pack meeting.  We talked more.  He got excited about it and asked me to send him info about Shutterbox.   I said that I would.  I also said, that he is more than welcome to come to any Pack Meeting at anytime.  He thought that was a good idea.  So who knows.


So, why was I there?

If your a Scouter, you recognize this knot.  Is it something that you earn?  Some would say that you do not earn it, but Buy it.  I disagree.  You do earn it.  I contribute to my Pack on a weekly if not daily basis.  Daily because I think about what I think is best for the boys.  I want to create fun.  I can directly affect the lives of boys within the Pack.  I can make sure Fun can happen.  But, what about the boys and girls who cannot afford Scouting?  How can I affect them?  I cannot be there for them as I am with the Pack.  Do, I give to Friends of Scouting?  Yes.  Past three years that I have been contributing to FOS because I use the resources of the Council to get people involed and having fun in Scouting.

So, while other people send money to political champaign, causes that really are suspect and to charities that funnel money to their own pockets or out of state, I choose to support what I am involved with and it’s used locally.

Yours in Scouting….

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