XXXIII of C of #100daysofscouting


This weekend was our Arrow of Light and Crossover.  While the numbers of attendees were not what some of us expected, we realized that it’s NOT ABOUT THE PARENTS.  It’s about the boys.

So, we did just that.  We put out of our mind about the people who were not there, but who was there.  It was for them. One Webelos II Scout dropped out of Scouting at the 11th hour.  Apparently he did not want to continue with Scouting.  Ok, I get that.  However, the question was why now?  Why not get the Arrow of Light and have the ceremony.  You do not have to crossover.  He techincally has eared it.  He just had to have a conversation with the now Former Webelos II Den Leader and boom…AOL.

The Webelos II Scout who is now with the Troop and a Boyscout is very happy.  I saw him smiling the whole time.  Yes, it was all about him.  He started at a Tiger and progressed through all the ranks earning everything he needed to.   This morning we talked about Merit Badges since I was showing off an app on the iPhone that had all of the requirements for Boy Scouts.  He started looking through all of them.  Started asking me questions.  I explained that all the info is there.  His Dad  the former Webelos DL (ASM in the Troop) said that app will show up on his iTouch shortly….;)  Throughout this morning I kept telling the new Boy Scout that he was out of uniform. That Boy Scouts does not wear Beltloops!  It was funny.

The Arrow of Light ceremony itself went off pretty well.  I had four Boy Scouts from the Troop participate in the reading of lines and two help with the physical crossover.  We had a fire behind us and I played the Native American Flute along with a hand drum that the Troop ASM played.  It all went well.  I was impressed how people liked it.  I figure with a little practice before hand, it would be awesome!

Before we got it all started I called up the Webelos Den Leader II who was crossing over as well and presented him with a Den Leader Plaque from the Scout Shop.  I had it engraved to signify his 5 years as a Den Leader.  He was totally caught off guard, which is what I wanted.  To me, having a parent volunteer their time to their son, other boys and to the Pack needs to be recognized.  When I saw this Plaque, I new it was what I wanted.  Take a look at it.  It’s very nice.

One other thing happened during the weekend.  Two Scouters from another district asked if they could come view our crossover.  YES!  Come please.  They brought their son who is a Bear.   I have seen and run into these two Scouters (married couple) all over the place at Scouting events.  Very good people!  They wanted to see how other Packs operate and do stuff.  We had a talk about why and all.  Which is interesting.  All I will say is all Packs are different.  Everyone has their own ideas on how things should be run.  They wanted to see our Pack.  You can always improve what your doing. Plus, it was good to see them.  They do Scouting correct.  I know this because their son had a Turk’s Head knot that he made himself for his scarf slide!  BEARS TYING TURKS HEADS!

The one thing that they took away, is that our Pack has a  Arrow of Light Plaque with everyone’s name on it that attain the Arrow of Light.  This year, we presented it at the end of the Ceremony and explained it.  The boys from the Troop all came over and looked for their names.  I also pointed out to the Webelos I that their names go up next year and the Bears the year after.

What really helped me this weekend is several of the people within the Pack Leadership expressed the same reservations I had about one one Webelos and low attendance.  My wife told me to shut-up and go have fun.   I heard that from other people who as they were asking their spouses and Unit Leaders.  As I asked those who showed up how they liked the weekend, Crossover and events we had, they all liked it.  I asked the boys if they had fun.  They all said yes.  I asked the new Boy Scout, he said yes.

So, in the end, it’s the boys.  They had fun and enjoyed themselves.

So, success all around!

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  1. shelly says:

    Thank you for everything. My new boy scout is still smiling!


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