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So, your might have noticed that I changed my banner picture of the blog and my twitter picture to a new logo.   It was a couple of weeks ago that I talked to my sister about it.  She’s a stellar graphic artist up in Seattle.  She has done some graphic work for myself, a company that I had and for our Kid’s School here in Portland.  Along with that, she has done other work for my friends.

I sent her some ideas and info about BSA Copyright, since I did not want to upset the powers that be in Texas.

If you want to see more of her work or actually HIRE HER!  Visit her website at M C Simmons Design.  If you hire her, tell her Scouter Adam sent you.  It’s won’t get you a discount or anything….but, then she will know how you go to her.  She’s very nice and very detailed oriented.

In one of her first jobs out of Graphic Art School she was the Lead Designer/Product Line person for Winnie the Pooh via a licensing company for some mouse company.

If you look at her portfolio the design I had done was for Saucyrub.  My friend had Crosswind Catering done.  Also, our Pack had their t-shirts designed too.

About Adam R. Cox

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