#PTCMEDIA Post XIV of C #100daysofscouting

Just listened to True North #36.  Got me posting again for 100 days of Scouting.  I missed a few due to being on the road.

Shaun: Good thing your not a Steelers Fan in GB.  Your Scout’s wouldn’t have sold with the Scoutmaster waving a Terrible Towel!  I love the Booyah Soup idea as a fundraiser.  Our CO has a Pancake feed a couple times a year.  I need to look into that.

Philmont Movie: Found my copy last night.  Was going to lend it to a local BEAVER, but he bought his own.  Need to watch it again.  I might be taking this up to our Crossover on March 12th for a movie to watch before/after the ceremony.

Posted a link to the Philmont Movie interview from The Leader’s Campfire #38 in the Linkedin Forum since people were asking “what Philmont Movie”.

Was reminded that since I am using Roman Numerals for my #100daysofscouting, what I am going to post for XXX days of Scouting.  I am consulting the GSS to see what I can and cannot post.

Finally:  if your NOT submitting photos for the PTCMEDIA photo contest.  You should.  I won and got a great book with my gift certificate on the history of Scouting.  Congrats to the winners this far!

Finally, finally: Thanks to the MISS Show for posting another show.  I miss you ladies!  You provide a great perspective from the Female side that I do not have.  I will say that my mom started a Fortune 500 Company (took awhile) around 1968 in Billings, Mt.  It was an advertising company.  She and her mostly all female based company rocked the Ad world in Montana.  She is a very strong person.  Because of her and her influence, I have a different outlook on how I see women in the workplace and in life.  So, KEEP GOING!  Talk more about how Scouting affects your life and how you work with Scouting.  Maybe if you could interview a Female Scout Executive?  Maybe this one?

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  1. Chris says:

    Re: XXX day of Scouting

    Isn’t that the same as XXL 🙂


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