Todays Thoughts for #100daysofscouting

I think that I am a head of myself in blogging. I have been blogging but then scheduling my posts for the next day…talk about getting ahead or behind of myself.

As I was off to the Council office to drop off some FOS material for a fellow Scouter I was stopped by the father of one of the Den Chief’s in our Pack.   He basically had a few questions about communication and activities.  Good conversation.  I sent off a few emails to the Den Leaders about it.

While I was upstairs in the District Exec Cubical Land, I ran into our old Cubmaster.  Explained what was going on and he gave me a couple of pointers including a Den Chief online training at   His suggestion was to have the Den Leaders take it since they might not know what a Den Chief is, let alone what they should be doing.  Passed that along as well.

I also bought the Den Chief book in the Scout Shop so I can give it to them.

All of this got me thinking as I read through  the Den Chief Service Award requirements.  Scouting Magazine has a great article about it.

I know that the boys are using the Den Chief time to earn the Den Chief Service Award.  It is actually something that I want them to earn.  Because of this and re-reading it I need to step up to the plate and help them.   From what I know the Scoutmaster does keep tabs on them, but the Cubmaster also needs to be a part of this.  Because of this, I got myself invited to the Troop meeting this Wednesday.  My hope is to get 5 minutes with the two Scouts and answer any questions they might have.  I also want to see what they want to do to help with the Pack Summertime Events.

Unit Scouter Awards:

Our District Award Banquet is coming up in May.  Last year I nominated a Scouter for it.  I have sent my current recommendation into the District Advancement Chair.  This is an official award from the District.  These types of awards are very valuable.  I really want to nominate the whole Committee and all the Den Leaders.   I taught a class at this years Pow-Wow that was how to recognize those leaders and parents within the Unit.  Most people are not officially on the charter and are not able get Den Leader Knots.

The image here is not from our unit.  I think it’s pretty funny. If you want it, go here.

Finally, I found a new iPhone Scouting App.  It’s all Boyscouts and not Cubscouts, but I got it anyway.  It’s very nice and close to what the BSA has put out.  However, it’s all about Ranks, Requirements and it includes other awards that are not found in the BSA Scout APP.  It’s called Scout trail.  According to the Developer’s website they are working on a version for Cubscouts.

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  1. Thanks for the plug for ScoutTrail. Yes, I am working on CubPath and I am hoping to submit it to the Apple App Store in May. I will keep you posted.



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