X of C #100daysofscouting

X down and XC left of C to go in days of Scouting.  Currently there are XXII Scouters blogging.  I love reading about everyone’s day.  Need to thanks Scoutsigns to starting this last year and getting it going this year.

Here is all the bloggers & tweeters who are participating:

  1. Scoutsigns (@Scoutsigns)
  2. The Scoutmaster (@bryanspellman)
  3. A Scouter’s Journey (@dwmetz)
  4. A Scoutmaster’s Blog (@stevejb68)
  5. Scouteradam’s Blog (@ScouterAdam)
  6. KevinDevin.com (@kevinhdevin)
  7. Arlen Ward dot com (@arlenward)
  8. Scouting in NKY (@jthoppe)
  9. Scouter Scott’s Scouty Stuff (@smwalker_oh)
  10. Scouting in the Great Outdoors (@scouter945)
  11. The ScoutmasterMinute (@smjerry)
  12. Tucson Scouter
  13. Another Scoutmaster’s Blog (@MNScoutmaster)
  14. Scouter Warren’s Blog (@ScouterWarren)
  15. True North (@SM_Shawn)
  16. 2point33gallons (@SM_Phil)
  17. Thorns and Roses
  18. Trishlove (@trishlove5)
  19. Scouting with Jim (@scoutmaster105)
  20. Fixin it (@mattlackner)

…and Scouters posting only on Twitter:

  1. @jzweiac
  2. @bobwhiteblather
  3. @Troop21dbc

Finally, my blog post about family time apparently really hit home to a few Scouters.  I am very touched that it did.  While I was not out to cause people to go make changes, it apparently happened.  Apparently people DO read my Blog!  The one thing about that blog and other advice given, taken and understood: if you are going to do it DO IT.  Just don’t talk and walk away.  That’s the hard part.  For me, it’s the implimentation that is the hard part.  Once you get started, the new habit becomes part of your life.  I know you can do it.

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