Skill Development #100daysofscouting

There are two posts today that really caught my eye.  The first was from Scoutmaster Jerry.  In there, he talked about a program called Fish!  This 2o minute video physically changed lives as we sat on our butts.  On our breakout for the Troop Guides, we got asked a clarifying question which completely changed our outlook and re-defined us.  I would love to tell you more, but you HAVE TO COME TO WOODBADGE to find out.  Sorry, I really cannot give away everything.  But, we are even more excited!

The second blog that I read today was from Kevin Devin.  In an earlier tweet that I saw of his, he talked about looking for training out of Council.  Apparently he lives right on the border of another Council.  Closer to their training than his.  I took at look at the Mt Baker BSA Council website and they have training all laid out.  Not just Woodbadge, but BALOO, IOLS, Powder Horn and others.  Now, I love training.  I will take training sooner than you can say Cracker Barrel or Free Patches here!  Good training!   While a lot of us go on and on about Woodbadge this and Woodbadge that and “You might be a Woodbadger if!”  But, what about all the others?  You need OWLS, IOLS, BALOO, POWDERHORN, EDGE to name a few.  Let’s talk about those.  While you can use Woodbadge in your everyday life, BALOO gives the Tiger Den Leader and other Den Leaders the chance to go on Pack Camping.  OWLS/IOLS only expand upon this training getting Webelos/Boy Scouts out on the trail.

With all this Outdoor Training, there is still the basic’s of running a Pack & Den meeting.  Even Martha needs to practice her Glue gun skills.

So, take classes that help develop your skills.

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