International Scouters READ THIS POST!

In today’s blog from @scoutsigns, he asked a question based upon (at this time) 17 US based Scouters blogging about the first 100 days of the year.  Granted this blogging event is based upon the Boy Scouts of America’s Anniversary date, but would it not be cool if OTHER Scouters from OTHER NATIONS started blogging for 100 days?

Now, on my twitter account I am followed and following a lot of Non-USA based Scouters and Scout Groups.  I do this because I love seeing what they are doing.

So, this is what you do: First, pass this along.  Second start using #100daysofscouting when blogging and tweeting.  Thirdly, contact @scoutsigns to let him know your doing this.

Do your best!


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One Response to International Scouters READ THIS POST!

  1. Nick Wood says:

    Hi Adam,
    Much as I’d like to post daily for 100 days, I don’t think I have that much to write!
    However I will keep posting to my blog and I am reading with interest all the ones from my BSA friends (including yours!).




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