#100DaysofScouting Day One

Today, as many in the Scouting Universe know is the Boy Scouts of America’s 101st birthday.  Even Smokey the Bear tweeted Happy Birthday!

Last year through the inspiration of a Blogger named Scoutsigns, he started blogging for the First 100 Days.  Well, he is at it again.

With that, several of my Virtual Roundtable friends on Twitter & Facebook have fired up their blogs and following suit.  I am doing this as well.

Please read and follow if you wish these bloggers and see what they and their Scouts are up to.

  1. Scoutsigns (@Scoutsigns)
  2. The Scoutmaster (@bryanspellman)
  3. A Scouter’s Journey (@dwmetz)
  4. A Scoutmaster’s Blog (@stevejb68)
  5. Scouteradam’s Blog (@ScouterAdam)
  6. KevinDevin.com (@kevinhdevin)
  7. Arlen Ward dot com (@arlenward)
  8. Scouting in NKY (@jthoppe)
  9. Scoutmaster Jerry (@smjerry)
  10. Scouter Scott’s Scouty Stuff (@smwalker_oh)
  11. Scouting in the Great Outdoors (@scouter945)

(updated listed from Scoutsign’s blog 2/9/11)

I suspect that there are more out there that I am just plain missing, but you get the idea.  There are two Scoutmasters and two Cubmasters (including myself) who are blogging.  This is our journey in Scouting for 100 days.  However, we will keep blogging and tweeting about it for much much longer.
I dare you NOT to learn something, NOT to be inspired and NOT to have fun.  If you can achive all three things…then your wasting your time.  If you fail to NOT Learn, NOT to be Inspired and NOT to have fun..then congratulations!  Your addicted to Scouting and your Doing your Best!

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