First Aid/CPR Class

The first Monday after Christmas I took off from work since I still had days to burn.   I had been wanting to take both a First Aid and CPR class for awhile.  I figured that since I am a Cubmaster, let alone in Scouting, I needed this skill and training.

While growing up in Billings, Mt, I spent many winter days Skiing at Red Lodge Mtn Ski Hill.  I loved every minute of it.  Learned a lot.  The one that that helped me ski so much was that my Dad was on the Ski Patrol for many many many years.   A benefit of that is that he got his ski pass free and another one, plus a half price ticket.  Since I skied so much, I got the pass.  My sister got the half price ticket, which turned into a pass.

One of the things that we got volunteered for was playing Ski Patrol training victim.   I got tied up &  bandaged all the time.  Sometimes by really cute patrollers who were in High School!  Total benefit if you were 13!

During one training, I was the person they used to practice loading into the tobaggon and transported down to the Ski Patrol Hut.  During one training, I was flipped over and dragged for 20 feet.  Very interesting experince.  The fun part was that I was the Ski Patrol Hill Chief’s kid at the time.

Through all these experinces I always got “training” by osmosis and not direct.  I did take the Red Cross Infant CPR class before Elliot was born, but that’s it.

As I stated above and in a recent blog post, being prepared is essential when in Scouting.  While this training will not give me all the knowledge in the world about what to do, it gave me the basics.  Did I learn anything?  Yes, it sure did.  I realized that there is a better way to administer CPR.  I also learned Rescue Breathing and how to do CPR for a unconscious choking victim.

As for Scouting and First Aid, I realize that I can now sign up to be a Merit Badge Counselor for the First Aid Merit Badge.  It is also my intention to take and complete the AED & Wilderness First Aid Responder classes so I can be a counselor for the Wilderness Survival MB.

If your in Scouting at any level, you should take both First Aid and CPR.  If you have kids, take CPR.  If you work in an office take these classes too.  If your single, they have classes for singles!  If your a Scout or Cubscout, you can take these Red Cross classes and it will go towards a Merit Badge or the Emergency Preparedness award.

Overall, BE PREPARED!  It’s not for a patch or merit badge, it’s to save a life.

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  1. Kevin says:

    In my “day job” as a training team leader, I had all of my instructors get First Aid and AED certified so that heaven forbid anything should happen in one of our classrooms, we have someone trained to handle the situation.


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