Cubscout Pack Meeting: Repect

This month’s Pack Meeting Plans from the BSA is Respect.  I committed to myself, the pack and den leaders that I would be following and using this information this year.  Last year, I really struggled with what to do. It is still hard, but a tad easier.  I talked about the meetings in these posts: March,May & April.
Most of these were thought up off the top of my head.  Some were inspired by last years Notes program.  One was inspired by what can the boys do after their ranks were basically achived and completed.
This month’s meeting is Respect and was partially inspired from last months meeting.  At the last part of the meeting I wanted to have the boys do the Circle of Light.  It is something that we have done as a Pack and Den several times.  However, this time the boys were very squirrley and hurting others for some reason or another.  It stood back and got their attention.  Explaining that I was not happy with their respect and their actions.  I explained that as Scouts, Brothers we are here for eachother and should not treat eachother this way.  I tried again.  Nope, no go.  So, we crossed hands and did the Circle of Light. DONE.
I later got a good review of the meeting from a Wolf Dad that I saw in the Seattle Airport while waiting for our planes home.  He was impressed on how I handled it.  That made me feel good.
As stated, this month’s theme is Respect, which is on the heals of Scouting for Food at our Council.  I am planning in using Scouting for Food, Good Turn Daily, Christmas the theme game and a gathering activity to help the boys understand what Respect is.

Going back to my Wood Badge ticket item of introducing Native American History to the Pack, I am going to start using my talks or section of the program as “The Akela’s Council”.  This is where I will have the boys come closer in the circle that they are already in.  I will also (hopefully) get the parents in on this too.  The lights will be lowered, Native American music from the Black Lodge Singers will play in the background as if we are in a Pow-wow.   I am using the Black Lodge Singers with a purpose.  The CD that I will be using is one where they honor the Veterans who have served.

Once played, I will begin the talk.  The talk will not me just talking, but asking the boys what they got out of Scouting for Food, what gather activity was all about (it’s a game of finding people who relates to what the question is asking about…get to you know..) and what a Good Turn Daily means.  How can we incorporate it.  I will also work in the Law of the Pack & Cubscout Promise.  I will challenge the scouts to Do a Good Turn daily.

After the program, we will have the awards which includes handing out Scouting for Food segements, wreath sales segments and popcorn awards.  It is my hope that during this award ceremony the boys are reminded of doing a good turn daily and understand what they have done to earn these prizes.

For the closing I will use the BSA Planned Cubmaster Minute and close with Cubscout Vespars.  This will be done in dimlight using electric tealights

Cubmaster Minute:

This is the season of lights. It is the time when the days are shorter and the nights
are longer. But somehow the world seems brighter. Thousands of homes burn candles to light the way for the Christ child. Thousands more have candles burning to commemorate the miracle of Hanukkah. Thousands will be lighting the candles to symbolize the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Even the stars in the winter sky seem brighter. But the most brilliant glow comes from the spirit of goodwill that you live all year through the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Here are the notes that I will use: Pack 221 November 15th Pack Meeting

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