Live in the moment

Live in the moment was given to me as advice the other day by the “old” Cubmaster of our Pack.  He is also a District Exec in the council and has about 35 years of Scouting. He stated that the happiest Scouters he sees and the most successful ones “live in the moment.”

This was after he asked me to promise him that I would not staff Wood Badge for two years.  I regretfully informed him that I am on Staff for WE1-492-11 in April 2011.   He and I both know that I leap at stuff like this.  I swallow it whole and want more Scouting.  Cramming it all down as fast as I can.  I believe that I do this because I am trying to make up for not getting past Wolf.

He also knows that I am working toward all the Leader Knots that I can earn.  My recent one is about the International Scouter Award.  Something that will take me many years to earn.

But, I do get his meaning.

I need to be the best Cubmaster I can be.  I need to be the best Den Parent I can be.  I need to go with my son and pack to all the cool stuff that I can.  Plan for the future, yes.  But do not start that position before it’s time.  That best laid plan might not happen.

Case in point: I did not plan to be Cubmaster.  My plan was to be the Wolf/Bear Den Leader and then Webelos Den Leader.  However, the position opened up sooner than I though and I saw that one one else was wanting it.  My plan was to be Cubmaster for two years (ending this Spring) and then step down to be Webelos Den Leader for I & II years.  I realized last summer that I most likely would be Cubmaster for four years.  I realized this because the Pack program needed continuity.

The Bear parents are the Tresurer, Committee Chair and Co-Chair of Popcorn.  Webelos I Mom is the Membership/Records Chair.  There are no Tiger or Wolf parents on committee except Den Leaders. (Treasurer is a Tiger & Bear Dad)

So, I am planning for the future of the Pack at this time.  I am also working on being the best Cubmaster I can be for the boys.  My hope is that this time next year that skits, songs, den flags, troop involment, camping, pack outings will be very normal.  My hope is that I will have an Assistant Cubmaster next year.  (hint hint to those of you reading this in the Pack)

Living in the moment for me now, is working with the pack and my son. (Also helping my daughter and her Girl Scout Troop as I can…)  I will do what I can to support Scouting on a District Level.  However, if I am not a ASM, I will be on the Troop Committee, a Merit Badge Counselor and possible Unit Commissioner.  I will be staffing Wood Badge because it is a way to get Scouters good knowledge on how to run a good program.

If you live in the moment, you will succeed, you will be happy and others will be too.  All those moments end up to be a lifetime of great memories.  Living in the future will lead you to having a lifetime of “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda moments”.

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