What not to do about Knots

I learned something this past week about Den Leader Knots and made friends with a Scouter on the opposite coast as I.  I first wrote about Den Leader Knots in this post.

(These are not my knots. I googled and found them.)

I am on Linkedin and a member of several Boy Scout Discussion group.  The week of Thanksgiving I spent time making my points know in these forums and also on PTCMEDIA.net.   I had an idea of how Den Leader Knots worked.  You follow the requirements and submit the paperwork.  My education via this forum, PTCMEDIA and my twitter account was incredible.

Two administrative items that I learned are: Assistant Den Leaders cannot earn the Den Leader Knot, Tiger Den Leader or Webelos Den Leader Knots.  The person needs to be the DEN LEADER and also registered AS the Den Leader on the charter.  One way around this that I learned not via Linkedin is register them as a Den Leader on the Charter.  One person on PTCMEDIA asked why do people have Assistants, they should be fully involed within the Den.  I agreed.  I describe the people who are Leaders in our Unit as co-Den Leaders and not assistant.

But it did not stop there.  From the forum posts, I found a Scouter who helped me understand how Knots are earned and the spirit that they are earned in.  Just like Scouts earning their advancement in rank and other awards, Scouters need to do the same.  There is not an overlap or two-fer for them.  Meaning, one event cannot count as two.  Also, to avoid confusion, records should be kept and questions asked by those who would authorize/sign-off on the Award.  This was learned when I asked about the International Scouter Award.  This award is something that I have decided to work towards.  It will take atleast six or so years to complete due to all the requirements.  Which, once earned will only allow people to ask how I got it .  That will allow me to help others understand another side of Scouting and what fun can be had.

The main thing about Knots, is they are to be earned correctly. They are not to be given out as awards or as service.  I know some units/people do this since most knots can be bought through the Scout Shop without paperwork.  That action does a disservice to both the person and the knot.  A Scout is Honest.

Also, learning about Knots, I was able to make another connection through Scouting that has enabled me to understand more about how Scouting should work.  This is in the spirit of the Cubscout Promise and Law of the Pack.

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