The night Scouters came knocking!

First off, it’s my Wife’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Normally, I am the one sending out emails or making contact with people at the Council or District level asking for stuff.  Today, tables were turned and it was all GOOD!

First, our Unit’s new Unit Commissioner emailed me letting me know we have a new one.  Great thing is, I know her.  Second great thing is she’s with Troop 221. We are Pack 221.  Been wanting more interaction with Troops.  221 used to be the Troop we went to years ago.   (Don’t anyone read anything into what Troop is what…more later on this.)

Second, Our Charter Org Rep asked if he should be coming to our Pack Meetings.  I said that it would be fine.  I am generally hoping he comes to the Committee Meetings since, that is a better use of time.  Either way, it will help them know what the Pack does.

Third, our District Exec reached out and asked if I was going to Roundtable on Thursday and that he wanted to know how we are doing.

Fourth, a person from the District Training Committee (I beleive) contacted me about helping out in training other Den Leaders.  We setup of coffee meeting to discuss it all.

Fifth, our Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner sent an email out to all the Unit Leaders inviting us to Roundtable and drumming up excitement.  Apparently the DE is pushing for more Packs to attend.  I also suspect Troops & Crews.  Our Roundtable is not very well attended.  Even though we are generally 15 minutes from downtown Portland, OR.  I am glad to see that the District is working on getting more people to Roundtable.

And Finally……wait for it……. one of the Den Leaders told me over Facebook that he is going to go to WOOD BADGE 2011!  I think he and I drink the same flavor Kool-aid!  He did ask me awhile ago about the Assistant Cub Master position…….;)

PS: The Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner also told me he is going to Wood Badge.  Very cool!

It’s been a good Scouting Day.  Who knows, maybe I might volunteer to be the  Bobwhite’s Troop Guide…..

About Adam R. Cox

Current Skyloo District Commissioner Current Skyloo District & Council Trainer Current Council Member at Large (Cascade Pacific Council) Former Tiger DL & CM of P221 in Pioneer District Former Skyloo District CS Roundtable Commissioner. Former Ast Council Commissioner for Commissioner Tools and Communication Former Pioneer District Training Chair WE1-492-09 Beaver W1-492-11 Bobwhite TG ASM Logistic W1-492-17-2
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2 Responses to The night Scouters came knocking!

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  2. Jeff says:

    Kudos to your Roundtable Commissioner for reaching out, and to your new Unit Serving Commissioner for doing the same.
    All that good stuff happening, and you get another Leader to drink the Kool-Aid of Gillwell – that is clearly the nudge of “The Invisible Hand”.

    By the way – I am also a mixer of that same kool-aid. And staffing a course will be the experience of a lifetime. You will never get enough.


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