A Scout Leader’s Guide ~A Review

The latest buzz within the Scouting  Twitterverse, Facebook and Internet is about a book.  No, it’s not the “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  It is “Working the Patrol Method” by Four Eagle Scouts.  However, it’s just as good knowing where your towel is at and knowing how to motivate a Scout.  Each is being prepared!

I recently ordered and received this book.  Over the weekend I read it while on a visit with my son and daughter to the Grandparents house.   Just to clarify: I am in my second year as Cub Master and was a Tiger Den Leader. I never got past Bobcat in Cub Scouts.  However, I have been beaded from WE1-492-09 Wood Badge Course.  I am a Beaver.  My son is a Bear Cub Scout.  I love Scouting.

While reading this book cover to cover, I realized many things from Wood Badge that just ring true.  I had forgotten about the “Performing” in Forming, Norming and Storming.  I realized how the game is played between Scouters and Scouts.  The book also plays a very important part in describing how “helicopter-parents” mean well, but disable Scouting to the quick.

The point is very well driven home about how the difference between being a Den Leader/Cub Scout Parent and what the parent role is within a Troop.  As a Cub Master, I already know it will be a hard transistion for the parents.  The Webelos to Boy Scout transition is something that I need to work upon within my unit.  It will also hopefully be something that if I can join the Troop as a Scouter, that I can help in future.

While this book is pointed at the Scouters within the Boy Scout Troop, it is a great wealth of knowledge for those Scouters & Parents who have not had any involvement in Boy Scouts growing up. It explains not what is needed for advancement of the boy, but why Scoutmaster’s are tasked to do.

As a Cub Master, I realize that I am of the same cloth and tradition as the Scoutmaster.  While, I cannot just sit back on a camp chair and motivate, I need to be in the thick of it with the boys and Den Leaders.  Granted, the Den Leaders are the focal point, I am there for support. Think Senior Patrol Leader to their Patrol Leader.  However, I am still ON at all times.  I am respondsible for their rank advancement. I need to know what is going on and to motivate them.

This is something that I learned in Wood Badge.  “Working the Patrol Method” is much more than a guide for the Boy Scouts, but also to help the Cub Master, Den Leaders and Parents get ready for Boy Scouts.  This is a book that I will use as a reference as with any other official BSA Handbook or guide.

There is also a great review of “Working the Patrol Method” and interview with some of the Author’s at Clarke Green’s Blog & Podcast.

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  1. Bryan Spellman says:

    Great review, I read it as well and posted my review too. I am incorporating elements of the book into my TLT Weekend….it is a must read!!!!



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