Pack Committee & Cub Master Meetings

In a recent Ask Andy Blog that I came across talked about having a Committee Meeting and a Cub Master meeting.

OK, but what if a pack committee chair wants the committee to call a vote to amend the pack’s bylaws so that Den Leaders can attend committee meetings and vote on all pack issues?  Can they, as a pack committee, decide this? Does this in any way interfere with BSA policy? (Mike Czyzewicz)

This sort of “vote” is unnecessary, and its intent is not according to the way a Cub Scout pack is structured or run.  Had these people paid attention when they took training this would be a non-issue.

Den Leaders have no need to attend pack committee meetings.  Den Leaders attend monthly Den Leaders meetings, which are run by the pack’s Cubmaster and pertain to the pack’s yearly program and monthly themes.  The Cubmaster, following these meetings, attends the pack committee meetings and informs the committee of the pack’s program initiatives for the current month and plans for upcoming months. Following this, the Cubmaster keeps the Den Leaders informed on how the committee will be supporting their efforts.

In a well-run pack, “voting” is simply not necessary in either of these monthly meetings.  There’s simply nothing to “vote” on.  The purpose of the pack’s committee is to support the Cubmaster and Den Leaders.  It is not to “vote” on the plans they’ve made.  Consequently, the idea of “allowing” Den Leaders to “attend committee meetings” is effectively adding to their burden by anticipating yet another meeting for them to go to, when they’re already busy enough!  Moreover, there’s absolutely no need for “pack rules” or “pack bylaws.”  BSA policies and procedures have already taken care of this.  All these people need do is follow the BSA model for how packs are organized and run, all of which is described in detail at training sessions that they all should have already taken and in BSA publications.

Our pack holds only one meeting with Cub Master, Committee Chair, Treasurer, Membership Chair and all Den Leaders.  Outside of the meeting, we email a lot between eachother. What do you do as a Pack, Troop, Crew or Ship?

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3 Responses to Pack Committee & Cub Master Meetings

  1. jthoppe says:

    Being a smaller pack, we too only have one leaders meeting each month. While I find Andy’s column valuable and informative, I respectfully disagree on some of the approaches he conveys.

    I agree voting (as a principle) and having “by-laws” & “rules” is essentially unnecessary however, decisions still need to be made and agreed upon (either by some type of “vote” or consensus). This could be DLs and the CM creating the yearly program calendar (Should we go on X outing or Y outing in November?? Should we hold a Pinewood derby or Raingutter Regatta, or both? Should we camp at council camp or Mr. Smith’s farm?). It could also be the committee/leader group deciding: How much do we need to collect in dues?? How much popcorn do we need to sell to pay for the program?? What are the boys’ popcorn goals this year??

    I disagree that the meetings need to be separate while the CM “runs” between the two and provides updates to both on what the other group is doing. We use the one meeting to do the work of both groups Andy describes. We discuss the month’s program plans (pack meeting, outing, etc), upcoming activities on the horizon and the business of running the pack (treasury, advancement, etc.). My opinion is that why would the CM and DLs not want to know or have a say in how their program is being supported? Having a combined meeting does not add to anyone’s burden (and actually eliminates a meeting from the CM’s plate). Having all parties represented at one meeting keeps the communication lines open and provides full transparency. Outside of the meeting itself, emails are used for day-to-day or urgent business. We also have a standing open invitation to any non-registered adult/parent to attend and provide feedback, offer suggestions or just be more informed on what is going on. In 4+ years of running (and now plain attending) these meetings no one has yet to take up the offer and attend…

    …which could lead into a whole discussion about filling leader roles/committee positions; sounds like a possible blog post. 🙂

    YIS — Jeff


  2. Phil says:

    Same here. Our units are so small that we can’t afford to only have the committee meet. I wish it was different, but for us, the more hands on deck the better.


  3. Jim says:

    We run our meeting the same as you. Me (CM) and my CC e-mail each other quite a bit and then make sure the others are updated as well.


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