Philmont 2011

I did not know that Philmont exsisted until I joined Scouting.  All I hear are cool stories and what people got out of it.  It’s the Disneyland of Scouting.  After I went to Wood Badge, I realized that I need to go to Philmont sooner than later.  I have been working on my wife to go.  Her main complaint is that “Scouting is not family vacation time.”  She has a point.
I had to research and find out how I can get her on board to go.  Family Programs!  That was the ticket.  It will allow her, Elliot & Rachel to take advantage of Philmont and have a great experince.  The great thing is that I will have a day off from class and be able to hike with them.  The great thing is that Rachel will finish her first year in Girl Scouts and Elliot will be a Webelos I that summer.  He will be able to go to Summer Camp and Philmont!  Rachel will learn a lot as well.  And maybe be able to ride horses!

I want to go and take classes!

I am hoping to take the “Strictly for Cubmaster” class or the “Tiger Cubs to Webelos” class.  There are others that look interesting as well.

Are you going to Philmont? When & what class?  It would be fun if we all could meet up for the same week!  I will let you know what I decide.  Needing to figure out Elliot’s Summer Camp before we go. That would decide a lot.

Yours in Scouting.

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