The realization of planning ahead….

The weekend of Oct 15-17th was the Jamboree on the Air/Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA/JOTI) .  In an earlier post I had talked about having our Pack participate.  I had contacted several people within the Council to help pull this off.  However, due to people going to the National Jamboree and their schedules I could not get that support.  I looked into several other options and none really panned out.   As the date got closer and closer, I realized that cramming all the things the Pack was doing it was getting less and less realistic.  Mainly it was Popcorn selling time.

I will be putting this back onto the docket for next year and see about getting support again either from the Council or the local Ham Radio Club that I found that actually meets where we used to have our Pack Committee meetings.

What I also realized from this is that, I cannot drive everything.  This is a holdover from my planning session for the Pack.  We as a unit were not completely firing on all cylinders on this subject.   With the start of the August Committee meetings, things got tighter and duties assigned to other people.  We still have a long way to go, meaning getting through this year and planning 2011-2012.

There are still a few events that I want to do and so far people want to do them as well.   I know now that I cannot cram everything together.  It would burn out the parents just getting the boys there.

So, next year, we will have more of a shot at doing JOTA/JOTI.  Maybe I can get the Webelos Woods & JOTA/JOTI thing together?  We also have a Fall Harvest Festival for Cub Scouts at a resident camp the same weekend.  Who knows.

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