87 : The Twitter Roundtable

Today, I sat back and watch/read a conversation happen with those I follow on Twitter.  (Follow me by clicking the link to the right).  The conversation centered around Uniforms for both Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Adult Leaders.

As you can see from the screenshot of the conversation, it is a common theme within Troops and Packs.  Boys are being boys.  There are some boys who really get that wearing the Uniform is all about.  I also suspect that the boys who don’t tuck it in, get it too, but are following the crowd.
I am not an expert at BSA Rules, however, it would be my expectation that if your at a Scouting event your in a uniform.  Class A or B.  I know that some Troops let the Patrol meetings met in regular clothes since they might be in a coffee shop, school, sport fields or other public places.

For me, I would want the Boy to be in Uniform when being reviewed and at a Court of Honor.  Since I am in a Pack, a Class A is just fine.  Belt and Hat are extra.  Scarf and slide are good too.  However, 5-10 year olds sometimes loose them faster than eating candy!

The main point about this post is the World Brotherhood of Scouting that started those so many years ago still help connects Scouters from all over.  Twitter is a great conduit of Baden-Powell’s expectations.

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