The Game realized on day 96

Five out of Seven Beavers of WE1-492-09 have now been beaded.  Monday night was a Court of Honor which also doubled as a beading of our Patrol Mate.

Monday night was a both a Court of Honor and a Wood Badge beading.  A celebration of accomplishments of both the boys and a Leader.  It was also a recognition of family and the game Baden-Powell asked us to play.

The Scouts received their Merit Badges from both the National Jamboree and Summer Camps.  There were a lot.  Many of the Scouts earned the four historical Merit Badges.  Even one Scout got all four.  Very impressive.  Those Scouts really worked hard.   Upon receiving each award the Scout Master gave a few insightful words about each Scout.   It’s apparent this Troop is doing it right.

With all the Merit Badges and awards handed out, it was now time for Wood Badge.  I have been to four of the five beadings (including my own.)  There are two more patrol members left.

With all the normal talk about BP, Gilwell, Beads it was your normal ceremony.  However, one thing came clear and made me realize how the game is played.  It played right out in front of me and I saw it.

Many years ago, a boy who needed scouts, got into scouts.  Scouting gave him what he needed and kept him away from those who wanted to take him away.  His family made scouting  an importance.  His family was his Mom and Uncle.  This boy went into Webelos and emerged an Eagle.  He is now a family man and an Assistant Scout Master who earned his beads.  According to his Scout Master, has taken to heart the teachings of the Game and become more involved within the Troop.

Because of an apparent “miss-justice” in his words, his Eagle Court of Honor did not happen.  He did get his Eagle.  However, he was not able to give both the Mother’s Pin and Mentor’s Pin.  While the Scouts who attained thier ranks that night gave their pins, my friend was not.  On Monday, both his Mother and Uncle got theirs.  It was his celebration of their support of him.  It was also the acknowledgement that the game does work.  It showed everyone in the room, that parents do matter and are a part of the game.  The family needed the Scouts.  The boy did not know he needed the Scouts, but had a lot of fun.  The now Man, came back to the Scouts for his sons.  He found Wood Badge and now fully understands the game and how it is played.  It is an never ending game.  We are lucky to have him as a Scouter…..and all the boys in the Troop are lucky he is there.

Scott the newest Wood Badger and his Scout Master

If you know my Beaver Patrol Mate, you will know he is very funny and a jokester.  His one big thing he is remembered within WE1-492-09 is that he tried on the beads before the course started.  Because of this, myself and another Beaver needed to make sure he remembered it.  Hence, our Beads to him.

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