Religious Emblems

As my son goes into the Bear Den this year, one of the requirements to achive the Bear Rank is to choose one of two items.

GOD (Do ONE of the following)

    Complete both requirements.
    1. Complete the Character Connection for Faith
      • Know. Name some people in history who have shown great faith. Discuss with an adult how faith has been important at a particular point in his or her life.
      • Commit. Discuss with an adult how having faith and hope will help you in your life, and also discuss some ways that you can strengthen your faith.
      • Practice. Practice your faith as you are taught in your home, church, synagogue, mosque, or religious fellowship.
    2. Make a list of things you can do this week to practice your religion as you are taught in your home, church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious community. Check them off your list as you complete them.

    Complete the requirement.
    Earn the Religious Emblem of your faith.

 In my pack, I have seen all the boys opt for #1 and not #2.  I know this, since no one has the knot on the uniform.  In looking at both options, what is the difference?  I do not see any, except the going to place to worship.

I am the first to admit that I have not gone to church in YEARS!  Usually when I go, it’s because my wife has thought a certain church would be good.  For some reason we always go when they have the “Fundraising” sermon.  Great…. I have no desire to GIVE before I go there for awhile. Bye…..  I am kinda of particular in church going.  There are a lot of unwritten rules that I follow when going, some made up on the spot…;)

I do not like to sing in church, or to loudly. Think Milli Vanilli!
I am not into swaying back and forth with my hands up in the air.
Not prone to shouting out names and weaping.
I cringe when I watch/see TV Evangelists……

To me, my religion is between me and God.

Because of Scouting and the knot that can be earned, I am wanting to explore more about religion.
My goal this year is to have both my son and I earn our Religious Emblem Knots.  The real interesting thing, is that in contacting one church that we do go to a lot….has a Boy Scout Troop, but when asked of the church…they do not know too much about the knot/program.  hhhmmmm…… Another Wood Badge ticket item.

My hope is that maybe some of the parents would be interested in earning this knot?

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4 Responses to Religious Emblems

  1. Latter-day Scout says:

    I’m a big fan of the scout earning the religious knot for their faith, and encourage our scouts to do so. My Troop has scouts from 4 different religions and it’s a great experience for them to practice “Duty to God” and “A Scout Is Reverent”.

    I’d be glad to assist you in your pursuit or make recommendations in any way I can.


    • scouteradam says:

      Thanks for the offer. I suspect that I will ask later in thhe fall. I think that the more religious differences within a community should make one more reverent. The one thing that I hope to convey to the boys and the pack is that looking at someone else’s religion it can make your own stronger. Plus it gives you a better understanding of why people react the way they do in certain situations. Hence, A Scout is Reverent.


  2. Timothy says:

    Oops, the above comment was posted by Miechelle.


  3. Timothy says:

    I hear that Solid Rock Church in Beaverton is really great. I haven't been but Tim's cousin David's family attends there. They do have music & singing (David plays in the band). It's not hymes or gospel… they sing current hip stuff. They have a great children's & young adult program too!


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