Summertime Pack Award Events

This will be my second time with the Pack in offering a Summertime Pack Award event for the summer.

Last year, we had a Ivy Pull at the local State Park and then a Bike Ride in August.  There was a June offering, but I just cannot remember what it was at this moment.  It most likely was a hike.

Since it was our my Summertime Pack Award, we were not sure that we qualified for it since we had low turnouts for two of them.  However, on the first day, actually hours of Woodbadge I found out that even if you offer events and no one shows up, you get the award.  However, no one earns the pins that goes along with it.
This year, we are much more organized.
Our Rainboat Regatta was our first Summertime Pack Event and everyone in the Pack showed up.  Including a few new boys who I hope will join in the fall.
For July we are going to be making Water Bottle Rockets at the Committee Chairman’s house. He has a large area and a hose for water!   We were going to be doing actual rockets, but the group who puts that on canceled their launch.
For August, we are going to be in a Parade that our Charter Organization is a part of in a part of Portland.  I have reserved the “Tiger Truck” that our Council has for the parade.  This will be great since all the boys get to march along with the family’s.  I have also invited the Girl Scout Sisters of the boys to come as well.
My hope in this last one is that since it’s very close to the end of Summer, that families will see Cubscouts and think of joining in the fall.  I will have the Parent Guide and my Cubmaster Business Card along with me so I can give them out to those who want more information.
I already have next years July or August event figured out.  We are going to do a campout for the World Jamboree during the time of it.

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