Last Pack Meeting

Our last pack meeting of the school year was on Flag Day.  I planned on having the Raingutter Regatta since I had never had one and the pack had a lot of boats in our shed from years ago.   The plan was to have the final awards handed out including rank and then do the crossover to the next rank.

The Wednesday before the School District called the Committee Chair and said we were kicked out of the gym since the 5th graders were going to use it.  What? We paid a year in advance.  Oh well. The weather in Portland seemed to be clearing up.  We were going to have the Regatta outside anyway.

So, we moved it all outside.  Wow, did that really work out well!

This pack meeting culminates my first full year as CubMaster.  I started in May of 2009.  I plan on staying on until crossover of 2013.  A lot has transpired since I took over.  I started and completed Woodbadge, only missed two roundtables , gone to Pow-wow and Advanced Training.  I also went to another District Campout in the spring where I got to see other packs/troops in action.  I have met a lot of like minded Scouters in all sorts of political situations in their units.
I have realized my goals for the Pack and Committee and have seen them take root and begin to sprout.  I went out and got a Unit Commissoner after talking to the District Chairman.  The Pack has earned Summertime Pack Award & Quality Unit Award for 2009.  Boys Life should have happened, just need to keep working on the DE for it.  We are on track for several dens getting National Den Award as well.
The Pack Committee is at the latter end of forming and edging into norming as they say in Woodbadge.  We all get a long and work well together.  Because of all of that, I created certificates of appreciate for each and everyone of them.  I really cannot thank everyone who is involed at this level of the pack enough.  Because of them, it’s a successful pack.  I pester them with emails galore….. I really appreciate them….A LOT!
I also nominated the Bear Den Leader for the Unit Scouter of the Year award.  I presented it to him at the Pack Meeting.  I also presented one to our Unit Commish.  She totally rocks!  Got her off guard.  She is also the Popcorn Kernal, so I have to keep her happy!!!
During the pack meeting I explained Summertime Pack Award for the summer and that the Regatta was part of it.  I really pumped up the SPA so we would have a lot more turn out.  I also use it for membership drives and having the WHOLE FAMILY join in.   Because it was Flag Day, I had brought the Flag that my friend flew for us while on deployment.  I took it out and explained where the flag was from, who flew it and why we honor those on Flag Day.  Sometime in the next Cubscout School year we will have a flag retirement ceremony.
As the meeting went on, it got a tad chilly so we sped up Cross-over and had all the dens and parents come up in front.  I did a ceremony of having the parents draw with paint on their son’s faces.  The parents got into it and the boys liked it.  A lot of them left the paint on.  I explained what each color meant.
At this point I was speeding things up due to the coldness and time.  No one really seemed to care.  While that was happening, the Webelos II helped out with all the scarves, slides and books.  Handing them out to everyone.  It was not the smoothest, but as I have begun to learn….nothing goes as planned.
From there, we went directly into Rain Gutter Regatta.  Can I tell you that I did not have to do a thing in making this happen!  It’s one of the first things as a CubMaster that I did not do!  I just said that I wanted to do it and the rest of the Committee made it happen.  I was able to mill around the races watching all the boys & siblings have a blast.  I also got to talk to people who are thinking about joining.
One of the boys who might be a Tiger (I think he is hooked) got second over all in the races.  I also made sure to personally hand him his Summer Time Pack Award segment.  I also told him that he would get his Rain Gutter Regatta Segment.  I got down on his level and told him that I was very happy to have him at the pack meeting.   I did not realize that he was there earlier, if I had, I would have crossed him over and given him the scarf, slide and book.
I had met his dad this year at a school function after he stated he wanted to join. At that time he was just starting Kindergarten.  Good thing is that the dad wants to volunteer as well.
This was my most favorite Pack Meeting of the whole year.  I got to tell people how much they meant to me and that I appreciated them.  The boys got to cross over, got a lot of awards and HAD FUN!  The Parents also got to experince their boys growing and having FUN!
This is not about me.  It’s about the boys. It’s about showing them that they can do a lot, learn skills without knowing it and caring about the community.  It’s about having fun year round and building relationships with everyone.
If I can do this every year and expand upon it, I will be happy.
(Reposted since the end of the year is coming again….3/18/11)

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  1. Scouter Doug says:

    What a successful year! I love how the year tied together at the end with a very significant Flag Day as well.


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