I am not in Boy Scouts, yet. However I am a General licensed Ham Radio Operator. K7RUB. 73 to all those who are Hams!On a recent trip I found a Signaling product that I knew the Scouting community would enjoy.  This year being the 100th Year of BSA, there are four historical merit badges that can be earned.  Signaling is one of them.  Coupled with Radio, this would be a great set of merit badges to earn.  Plus, it gets the Boyscout into a hobby that can used in the Ten Essentials to Be Prepard.  Blackberries and iPhones do not work everywhere!

Signaling in action
And now, for something completely different.
(Updated 2/13/11:  Updating this because of a recent website I found that made me think of this.  Plus, I watched the Kati Kim Story the other night.  It was about her and her family’s experince in the Oregon Forest.  Her husband died trying to hike out to get help for them.  I became a Ham Radio Operator because of that incident. Also, that I just asked my friend for my Ham Radio back that i left at his house.  Need to start using it!)

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