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If your in the world of Scouting, you are aware of the trial that has taken place in Portland, Or where I live.  I have not commented publicly since it’s start.  In cases like these, there are no winners.  I only hope that everyone has learned a lesson and carries forth the duty to act accordingly and “Do their Best.”

There are three points I want to cover in this blog:
1)Media Coverage
2)What the Plantiff said
3)What Scouting can do.

1)In the local media there is the basic media coverage report telling about the $18.5 million dollar award. I do not have a problem with the majority of the report except for the last part.  The reporter Mike Donahue at the end states that BSA does not have a program requiring Scoutermasters and others get Youth Protection trained.  In my understanding, we do.   It is how we get the “Trained” Patch.  Also, starting this year, it is required for Chartering. 

My hope is that Koin,Mike Donahue and other Media Outlets do reports about How BSA is changing and what it provides the youth.

2) The plantiff really has undergone a lot of torment due to a lousy ASM and all those involed.  Actions should have been taken.  That being said, I saw a report on the 11pm Newscast on KGW that have a soundbite of him saying that Scouting is a great thing and that boys get a lot of great experinces out of it. (I am paraphrasing.)  I cannot find the video clip anywhere.  It’s a really good clip and I was proud of the plantiff for saying it.  It shows me that he has no malice or ill feelings towards the BSA, but just what happened to him and others.

3)To me, training has always been a part of my life in anything that I do. It is imperative that BSA and the local Councils and Districts fully grasp training and get trainings to all those who join a BSA program.  Yes, in corporate life we all have been to a “Death by Powerpoint” conference/meeting.  However, these trainings can make a difference.  My hope is that the people who provide training “engage” those who are taking the training.  Treat training like you are shows the boys something.  You need to capture their attention and keep it.  If you do not, it won’t work.

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2 Responses to Youth Protection

  1. Adam R. Cox says:

    Shawn: You are correct about how things are 25 years ago, our oath in protecting kids and having parents involed in scouting.We can only go forward and make BSA better for all. The sad fact is there are people who do not have the best intentions for the boys.YIS


  2. Shawn Cleary says:

    It's really not so much about the training, it's the "Protection" part that all scout leaders should recognize. We can attend many training sessions, and sit through all the powerpoints, but as a parent, we all have the gut feeling when "something ain't right here"…at that point, we should be going "mama bear" and doing our duty to protect scouts…we took an oath to do so by signing that application.Now to understand how I truly feel about this whole thing, is, well, something that I won't delve into here…I have my own blog to voice my opinion on that…but I won't either..In the long run, this whole case really had nothing to do with training, but how things operated 25 years ago, that is now, leaving a mark on the scouting program, and me defending the program now…to which I do whole-heartedly


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